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24 July 2016
I have got the yips with my chipping recently, so have been practising the art of chipping one handed, it works for Jason Palmer, a European tour player who has mastered the art quite successfully on the tour, anyone else had a similar problem?
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22 July 2016
Looking to plan for visiting during November to December 2017 for the RLWC any other swingers out there who will be up for a game in either Queensland or NSW?

I know its early days already in contact with NZ swinger Raymond Hinton please get in touch, need to do strategic advanced planning

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22 July 2016
Played at Sandiway golf club this Tuesday ( venue for Flying club swingers the northern event ) and the course was in very good condition, food was good in the clubhouse and the weather was great, hottest day of the year at 34deg, although can't see it being that in September. For everyone attending it should be a great day if the course remains in such good condition. Just a note for anyone travelling from of the venue, there are road works on the M6 and traffic is generally terrible so allow plenty of time to get there. Look forward to seeing everyone.
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21 July 2016
Srixon ball fitting today. Ball coming of the club at over150mph. Spin speed 3250. Miles to high. Srixon XV is the ball for me.
Titliest proV, spin speed was 3750 not for me.
Does anyone else know there spin speeds and the best ball for them and how to get the spin ratio down.
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20 July 2016
Fantastic News that England have appointed a manager who specialises in saving tearms from relegation.

Look, there's a massive positive here. At least we can't get relegated 😂😂😂
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18 July 2016
The commentators on the open from Troon were telling us what a great hole the postage stamp is, and rightly so. Anyone else got any good short par 3's to nominate as great?
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18 July 2016
Royal Troon looked great all week - also good to see some players struggle and some play incredible golf, what majors should be.
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17 July 2016
What a round, well played to Henrick & Phil too. 5 people picked the winner, who's the lucky recipient of a Cleveland wedge?
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17 July 2016
Henrik STENSON averages 29.63 in putting stats for 2016 and in his 3rd round at the Open yesterday he had 24 putts, whats the lowest amount of putts any swingers have had?

Also most amateur golfers spend hundreds of pounds on Drivers, (which may only be hit 14 times a round) and quite happy to keep an old putter for years (which we hit 30 or 40 times a round) so my advice is concentrate on buying a new putter, any thoughts?
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16 July 2016
Anyone interested in playing Monday 25th at Maderas? Happy to play anytime but would prefer early.
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15 July 2016
After reading Clive`s recent discussion it made me think what has happened to the SAS? I was quite shocked to find none have attended the recent Swingers golf days albeit down south, after giving such support over the years

As a Northwest Crusader I am still banging the drum to have the first Swingers Golf Day next season "Up North" is there going to be a deployment of the SAS in 2017 to bolster the effort, we really do need the support to make a change

Anyone from SAS attending Sandiway or have you all packed in and should I put my drum away?
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15 July 2016
Has this happened to anyone before?

I had my card signed by 3 different players in one round of golf, my initial playing partner bailed out on the 9th so I joined the group in front they were only playing to the 12th then I joined another group playing the comp to completion
1-9 first signature
10-12 second signature
13-18 third signature

is this a record?
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14 July 2016
Here's a question.. With the prize of Cleveland wedges on offer for the comps, everyone seems to have plenty of wedges.. 60,56,54,52 etc.. I have a Pitching, Sand and 60 degree.. Am I missing a trick here?? Playing off 16 now but do I need another?
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13 July 2016
Hugh O'Connor and I won a father/son match this morning it was Scotch foursomes, we were 1 up going to 18, and despite both hitting our drives OB we managed to scrape a half and a win.
Anyone else have messy win stories?
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12 July 2016
Morning Swingers - I am in London the week of the 26th and am wanting to go swing a bat... I will be in London but happy to travel. I am free on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and will arrange my business sessions around when I can go golfing... PRIORITY CHECK
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11 July 2016
Thanks for the goody bag guys - looks as good as ever!
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11 July 2016

I will in the UK for the last week of August and the first week of September and the clubs are coming with this time (will be trying to sneak on at Formby whilst on Merseyside).

I'll be based out of London for most of the trip, so if you feel like hosting a travelling swinger, please get in touch.

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09 July 2016
After submitting another 1 point score from this weeks Wednesday stableford competition I have come to the conclusion that I am too consistent to make the Swingers finals. I nearly always play within a couple of shots either side of my handicap. I have looked at the leader boards and notice that those that are at the top ( well done to them ) have scores of 7 or 8 over par and then scores of 5,6, or 7 under par, even checking my missus who is joint leader in div 1 plays 10 over her handicap sometimes and then 5 under her handicap other times. My scores reflect that I have played within my buffer zone 12 out of 16 times and two of the others were in a gale force wind when it was reductions only cos css was 77.
Perhaps we should have a place in the finals for the most consistent player as they are likely to win more points for the European team in the Ryder cup. ( it's the only way I will ever get to the final). Also playing too steady means my handicap hardly ever changes so I will not go up to 7 or 8 and then have a chance of playing 5 under and getting some points.
Anyone else have the same problem or am I just the most boring player there is and hit it down the middle then on the green and walk off with another par. Oh for the courage to get the driver out and have a really good thrash at it and be dammed with the consequences !!
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06 July 2016
With the Scottish and British Open coming up, any guesses as to which Americans might show a fondness for the links? Fowler, Mickelson, DJ, ZJ all looking good over the last few years anyone else coming in?
Similar question for the women's side?
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06 July 2016
With the season coming to an end in about 7/8 weeks I have been busy looking for extra ways to play rounds with CSS. My club has about another 4/5 max.

Can anyone recommend websites which gives these open days across fairly large region - say 90minutes of Bucks!! as oppose to go to each club separately.

Thanking you..
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04 July 2016
Auckland, NZ is hosting the World Masters Games in April 2017. Is anyone coming to participate in this and if so feel like a few extra rounds when here? Let me know
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03 July 2016
Karen and I will be bringing our clubs to our favourite holiday destination again....
We arrive 24/7 and depart 07/8
Would welcome any opportunity to meet and play with fellow Golfing Swingers on the island.

Ping us a reply here.
Bob and Karen
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27 June 2016
What is going on this week?? The Bridgestone and the French Open on in the same week. Surely a WGC is greatly devalued by not having many of the best Europeans playing. I know the Bridgestone was moved for the Olympics but surely they could find better timing than this?
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24 June 2016
Playing at Carnoustie, I only get to play in proper medal strokeplay, not the girly stableford game, where you can dob in a 10 and still not ruin your card )

But I'd always presumed that stableford favoured the higher handicap player, who will have a few blobs - but also potentially lots of net birdies and eagles. However I see on the Div 1 leaderboard, that actually the better players are also getting their best scores in stableford events.

I wonder why this is - and do readers think stableford is an easier way to beat your handicap?
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24 June 2016
Very depressed, disappointed in other English people, can we remain as Team Europe?
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23 June 2016
I am off to Boston area for a week from 28th July. Anyone know any good courses to play. Will be staying in Peabody.
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22 June 2016
Technical question here for the club experts - what exactly does the degree of bounce on a wedge relate to? I have a 60 degree with 4 degrees of bounce, which I'm very comfortable with. I recently added a 56 degree to the bag, but didn't really worry about the fact that it had 12 degrees of bounce. Maybe it's the club, maybe it's my brain, but I don't get the same connection with the 56 - I seem to hit it fatter. Does that make sense?
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20 June 2016
If anyone is in the area in the near future and would like to come and play on the PGA West Courses, please contact me via this website - I would be happy to engage in a Round of Golf on the Stadium Course or any of the private courses.
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20 June 2016
After yesterday's debacle at the US Open, and Dustin Johnson's eventual penalty shot, it would interesting to hear people's thoughts on penalty shots being applied to golfers who are deemed to have made the ball move when putting. To my mind it is one of the frustrating rules in golf, for what is a minor infraction of the rules. Should the rules be amended to only penalise those who have made the ball move forward for example, as surely making the ball move backwards does not gain an advantage in 99% of circumstances?
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17 June 2016
Because I was bored I started looking at some of the other leagues what surprised me was the very high scores in these leagues. When I did a bit more investigation it seems common for people to score 10, 11, 12 points etc. and their handicap appears to go up for their next score submission. Can anyone provide an explanation to me of how that works? As I have no knowledge of how handicapping systems work in other countries.
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16 June 2016
if a player marks his ball and leaves the green (into the clubhouse for shelter) waiting for the heavy rain to pass and someone subsequently lifts the marker does he automatically have NR applied or could he enter a withdrawn from play card?
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15 June 2016
Don't know why I am looking at the places for the Final because with my scoring this year so far it won't impact me in anyway.....
Looking at the number this year, I calculate the following:
12 Places
1 Place for best score over 2 UK Society Days
1 Place for Fun Swinger

That leaves 10 places of which 3 must go to DIV1

Now here is where its up to interpretation
(DIV1 has 25%, DIV2 has 50%, DIV3 has 25%)
If you take these numbers and 10 places then DIV3 gets 2.5, DIV2 gets 5 and DIV1 gets 2.5 but they are guaranteed 3 so who loses out DIV2 or DIV3 ?

If you take 7 total places available for DIV 2 and 3 DIV2 has 2/3 so 4.6 or 5 Rounded
DIV3 has 1/3 so 2.3 or 2 Rounded

Any thoughts ?
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14 June 2016
Hi there!
I will be traveling around Spain this summer_
Barcelona July 11-16
Madrid 18-22
Sevlle 22 - 26
Please email me and let me know if you would like to play :-)
All my best,
George Valashinas
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09 June 2016
Who here is feeling pressure of seeing your name up on the leaderboard and striving for another score to put you in pole position.
I had a great few weeks scoring well now I just have a pesky -6 that I can't budge. The added pressure of thinking about what might be in September doesn't help- anyone else feeling the pressure yet?
Still plenty of time to go!
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09 June 2016
Just been reading article about Norfolk Golfer from Eaton Golf Club - Geoffrey Crosskill who has just set a new World Record at 94 years of the longest continuous golf membership at 82 years 18 days.
He still plays 3 times a week.
What an inspiration to us all!
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09 June 2016
How effective can Ian Poulter be at the Ryder Cup as a VC? It won't be the same not having his crazy eyes and fist pumps on the golf course.
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07 June 2016
With the Curtis Cup taking place this week close to where I live, I am excited to be attending this year. However I fear that due to reasonably high cost of tickets, attendances will be very low. Do swingers think that for events like this should entry be free or at least very cheap to increase numbers going and increase the exposure given?
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04 June 2016
Targets for this year:

Win at least one open comp - done
Get to 8 handicap - done
Qualify for S13 final - not done 😂😂😂
Reset goals - hmmm, tough to do
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31 May 2016
I saw a hole in one at Wentworth on Sunday at the 14th hole by James Morrison and he won a very impressive BMW i8 worth £140,000, which brings me to the question have any swingers ever won a hole in one prize? If so what was it?
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29 May 2016
What do people make of the way golf is being played in the Olympics. Personally I feel this would be an opportunity to play a different format or perhaps have a male/female event. As a 72 hole singles, it will never stand out as a summer tournament with so many great events in the weeks leading up to it.

If you're interested I wrote a blog about the Olympic format and also the reasons behind so many players pulling out at: https://worldwidegolfblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/29/olympic-dropouts/
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29 May 2016
Today when I went to enter the weekly competition in my club I was informed that as I was an intermediate and my handicap was above 7 I was not eligible to play the competition but could go out and just play the round for fun.

I completely accept being excluded from winning certain prizes due to my status and even being prevented from putting my name on the timesheet in big competitions as I am taking the place of a senior/full-paying member. However I don't really understand the logic in allowing me to take up a space in the competition by playing and then not allowing me to use it for handicap purposes.

Any opinions on this situation?
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28 May 2016
Looking at all of the current Virgin Golf leagues it currently looks like the safest bet to qualify for the final is to be in the Rest of the World Swingers. Is it allowable for a European, (meaning UK), to join this league as Europe is in the rest of the World !!!!!!
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24 May 2016
Come on northwest/northern crusaders and not forgetting many of my southern based friends, I am initiating a “go north first campaign” to have the first Virgin Golf Day of season 14 in the Northern region of the UK, after so many southern downpours it can’t be any worse, Can it?

This will potentially only happen if we can bang the drum loud and long enough and get the support of all involved who fancy a change to go north first in S14

Am I going out on a limb or is there any support for my idea?
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22 May 2016
I have just had a problem with my club (The Warwickshire) over a Corporate day. There are two eighteen hole courses so when there is a Corporate or Society booked there is always a course for members to play. However the other day a Corporate event booked all the buggies for their day. As I cannot, due to physical reasons, play without a buggy so my regular golf day had to be cancelled. I appreciate all clubs need the additional income generated by these days but feel that members should have priority. Does anyone else have problems such as I have experienced with such days?
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21 May 2016
How is CSS calculated? It's not uncommon to see a CSS of 72 when the winning score might be 71 or 72 is there a number of people that need to enter for a true CSS to be calculated? Or is it only based off a certain section of scores?
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20 May 2016
Congratulations to Paul & Luke for another great Virgin Golf Day and even more for venturing out into the wild weather taking some great photos of a super venue and naturally the players involved

The day before was perfect weather and another great day was once again enjoyed by a gang of swingers having a practice, oh and a few beers as well!

Congratulations and well done to all the prize winners on the day, some good golf was still played despite the weather it appears this is the normality of the Virgin Golf Day sunshine the day before then either “Rain! Snow! & more Rain! What is going on down south??

Looking forward, as Morecambe and Wise said “Bring Me Sunshine! I am sure will in the Northwest and I am putting my neck on the line here, to welcoming everyone to a sunny Northern Day at Sandiway Golf Club

Happy Days!
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20 May 2016
Can anyone one offer advice as to weather a dual faced chipper is illegal or not? the uspga state a golf club can only have one striking face!
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19 May 2016
Which previous (and sometimes current) other sports "make" the best golfers? Of the low handicap golfers I know, most of them seem to have played squash and tennis. Also footballers seem to make good golfers but is that because they seem to get a lot of time off to practice?
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19 May 2016
Should the R &A have removed Muirfield from the Open Rosta as the club members have voted not to allow women as members even though women can play the course and use the clubhouse while there?
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17 May 2016
Does a competition being strokes make it markedly different to a stableford competition in terms of difficulty? Realistically, how often do you scratch a hole by worse than a shot outside stableford points? Or does strokes intimidate players before they even go out?
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16 May 2016
The forecast does not look good for Royal Ashdown on Wednesday. Such a shame as it was beautiful at Clandon this morning. Will we have a repeat of Addington last year and more to the point will the weather affect those trying for a place in the Final?
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14 May 2016
I am always checking this forum, however it seems twitter has much more going on

Is twitter taking over?

I do use both and it seems the discussion board is a bit quiet compared to previous years?

Any ideas why?
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13 May 2016
Hi All,

I have booked a round of golf for 2 people at Orange County National at 10.30am on Friday 27th May as I won a competition on their facebook page. At the moment, I don't have a partner and would much rather a swinger came and joined me. Any takers? The only cost involved would be a beer after the round!
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09 May 2016
I will be working in Abuja, Nigeria shortly - do we have any active players in Nigeria?
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08 May 2016
Having never achieved (yet) a hole in one , (closest to date 2 inches) I was delighted to hear one of my friends scored an ace the other day, however they were playing late and so the bat was shut when they completed their round. A quick scout found no pubs in the immediate vicinity so the achievement was in the end toasted with a can of Pepsi Max from a local filling station! Is this the cheapest hole in one celebration ever and who has had the costliest?
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04 May 2016
Unfortunately, Mark Ray can't play so I've messaged 10 Orlando Swingers to see if I can get a matchplay. Fingers crossed as may need the bonus points!
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03 May 2016
With the winter that we have just had, we had our first qualifier since October this weekend (30th April). Now that all 150 of the goody bags have been allocated, I'm wondering how so many people are playing qualifying competitions through the winter? Is this something that your clubs offer or is this through playing open events etc?
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02 May 2016
Really enjoyable playing on Saturday, the Sun was out, light breeze and first POSITIVE score in the league for nearly a year. So much more enjoyable than struggling to get the ball to go where it is meant to with high winds, rain and low temp air. I now understand the advantages of “Summer Golf”.
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26 April 2016
Another prediction competition, albeit with no prizes...which unsung player will make it to Hazeltine in September?
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24 April 2016
James Gear's post about the handicap system made me ponder on something.

As I was cut a shot for 2 exceptional scores, will the Fun Swingers' handicap committee be considering the fact that I have had more than 7 consecutive games outside the buffer zone?

Well, it's worth a try!
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24 April 2016

I think it's fair to say that everyone would agree that a handicap system is brilliant. It allows poorer less talented players to play against better players, and have a reasonable chance of winning. However if you were able to make 1 change to the current system what would that be?
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22 April 2016
I see that the new CONGU rule of allowing the setting of handicaps in the 29-54 range is in place. CONGU appear to say that this is different to "c" (competition) handicaps but appear to subtly encourage these higher handicaps to be allowed in certain competitions. My club is sticking to max 28 , and sometimes lower, in all men's club competitions. Anyone know if any clubs out there allowing these higher handicaps in competitive golf? Could lead to some unbelievable scores.
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20 April 2016
We have 2 temporary greens currently and while I understand the reason for them I find them very frustrating. Basically a piece of the fairway short of the green has had the grass cut shorter and call a green so Putting is a joke.
In my opinion they should draw a circle around the green and once you are inside the circle you should be guaranteed 2 putts but if you sink your first putt it counts.

Has anyone else had experiences of temporary greens ?
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19 April 2016
Losing a ball is so frustrating and let's be honest, finding it can be a lottery. Wouldn't it be fairer if the shot was replayed without the added penalty shot? So, to be clear , if you lose your tee shot , you play your second shot from the tee, rather than the dreaded "3 off the tee". Probably would need to apply same rule to out of bounds.
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19 April 2016
How much fun was it watching the Heritage having played the course courtesy of Virgin?
Television really flattens out the contours of those greens, but you know just how hard it is to stop the ball on many of them - and how tough it was going to be for Luke Donald to get two shots back on the last two holes.
Also interesting to watch the professionals struggle with the firmer, relaid greens. Grace's winning score nine shots worse than Furyk's in 2015 and five strokes worse than the average winning score over the previous decade. Our caddy wasn't kidding when he said the greens hadn't completely bedded in yet!
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17 April 2016
With so many South Africans in the leagues this year it would be great to have a society day in Cape Town preferably August 11th to 14th or Durban 20th to 24th August whilst we're there please. If not, maybe we can organise a couple of days for everyone to get together for a round and lunch or dinner somewhere? Cheers to all, good golfing Mo & Tony
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17 April 2016
What a joy to watch Clive Appleby play. An easy +1 front nine after missing a 2 footer on 9. He's not even the best player in his house!

After I threw away an early lead, Clive's front 9 and two blobs put me 5 down after 12. Level par for the last 7 didn't matter in a 3&2 loss. I'll let him keep the points for another year!
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16 April 2016
I will be at Moor Park with some members of my Mini League. Are any other Season 10 finalists attending? It would be good to meet up and reminisce. Particularly as I achieved my best score of the Season 13 games yesterday in conditions very close to those on the final day @ Gleneagles. Maybe I should always play in persistent rain!!!
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15 April 2016
Playing Haddington next Saturday afternoon followed by West Lothian Sunday morning. Another weekend, another two opens.

It's the taking part that counts!
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15 April 2016
Wearing my Flying club golf shirt, I am waiting to be served at the bar at my golf club. A young pro, who had been practicing, approached me. How do I get involved, he asked. Spent 10minutes telling him how good it is. Another player , from a visiting society, caught my shoulder. How can I get involved, he asked. 10 minutes later, another Swinger is very interested. Is this the start of an Ambasadorial roll. Must
try harder.
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14 April 2016
Anyone around! Can't play 30/04 as playing a tournament at World Woods. Happy to meet up within 40 miles or so of Haines City.
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14 April 2016
I know there are some Spurs fans on here but, what a performance for the last 80 minutes by Liverpool vs Dortmund!
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14 April 2016
So obviously the shot at 12 was poor. And the second one was one of the worst shots I've ever seen a pro hit.
To come back and make those birdies in the way he did showed serious guts not everyone (e.g. McIlroy in 2011) could go through a hole like that and still mount a charge for the title.
Fair play Spieth.
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13 April 2016
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11 April 2016
It's always the most compelling few hours and I never miss it but after a hard weekends fundraising for my sons U14 rugby team and a late afternoon bottle of champagne I settled in to watch. By 9.30 I was struggling and battled through until Speith put it close on 11. It was then in my wisdom I decided it was all done and dusted and went to bed. Only to miss out on an astonishing few hours! It's not quite the same on catch-up!
Are there any other Swingers in the same boat or should I hang up my clubs in shame?
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10 April 2016
Does temperature affect the softness of golf balls?

In this cold weather, would it be sensible to swap balls at each hole and keep the alternative ball warm in your packet?
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07 April 2016
Not sure if anyone watched the Par 3 compo last night? If this is the start to the Masters, just imagine how the rest of the tournament is going to be!
Not sure who to back as we have some great guys in the field. Might just have to back a ROW player....
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06 April 2016
It is very concerning that Martin Derrick has made an uncharacteristically slow start to the season.
Is it possible Europe might be without their Talisman this year? Could it be the end to his unending line in tasteful speedos?
I am starting the Save Martin Derrick campaign.
Mark Attwell is going to do 21 Open Comps in 7 days to kick off the campaign.
Come on Martin!
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04 April 2016
There seems to have been some confusion this weekend with my competition scores and Congu handicap.

This is the query I've sent to England Golf:

"What has happened this weekend with my handicap and scores does not seem right to me.

On Thursday, my handicap was 22.4.

My away club held a stableford competition this weekend and it was possible to play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I played on Friday using an handicap of 22 and achieved 27 points. My handicap record was not updated on Friday.

My home club held a stableford competition on Saturday. I played off 22 and achieved 24 points. Had I played off 23, I would have achieved 25 points. My handicap record was updated to 22.5 after the game.

On Monday, my away club published the results of their competition. I was awarded 28 points rather than 27. It looks like they have used the updated handicap from after the Saturday competition even though I actually played on Friday.

It is my understanding that for a competition over more than one day, a CSS should be calculated for each day. So it should have been possible for the handicap system to have been updated on Friday. Could my away club have done this if they had wanted too? Indeed, should they have done it?

My handicap on Monday morning is 22.5. I expect it to go up to 22.6 but my home club needs to initiate the update to pull in the result from my away club, which they will do on request.

The actual consequences for me are insignificant. But they would not have been if I had had a good score on Friday. And even more confusing if I had had a good score on Saturday, as a reduction in handicap following the Saturday game would have affected the score for the Friday game, because the Friday game was not processed until Monday.

Please could you let me know when my handicap should have been updated as a result of the Friday and Saturday games as well as what handicap I should have played off for both of the games."
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04 April 2016

I am planning in being in London for the last week of May (got to get that qualifying flight in) - should I be bringing my clubs with me?
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03 April 2016
I am very surprised to see the current leaderboard scores on team europe, 8 leads div 1 and 6 leads div 2 and 3, whats going on, are people hanging on to good score submissions or like myself is everyone struggling at the moment? The way things are going 16 -18 points could get you to Sun City later this year, and looking at ROW scores are looking, they look like they may currently be the bookies favourites to win the S13 final. what do you other team europe swingers think?
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03 April 2016
So the Masters always seems to be the tournament where you need a good history at Augusta to do well (some exceptions of course, some guy called Spieth has gone 2-1 his first two goes...).
So outside of McIlroy, Spieth, Day, Bubba, Scott, Rose, Oosty, Schwartzel and Mickelson.....anyone else?
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02 April 2016
Played a Finch Tour singles event last Thursday with Morag and my neighbour. It was amusing having the ladies tees behind the gents for the first five holes!

Shot under my handicap, finished joint 5th and after asking for the CSS today, was told that it isn't now a qualifier due to playing from a couple of forward tees.

I'm determined to get to 8 handicap this year and this has potentially cost me 0.4 off my handicap. I was playing 5 Finch Tour events this year but am now reconsidering.
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30 March 2016
Mark Attwell and me are having our annual Swingers match at Fairhaven golf club and our two other players have had to pull out so in the spirit of the Flying club and meeting new people, is there anyone who wishes to join us . The tee is booked for Sunday 17th April at 10:28am. The guest fee is £20 per player. As I can only book two people in the first two to put there request on this discussion are in.
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28 March 2016
I'm still not convinced by the World points/European points split - I appreciate that it was introduced at a time when Sergio, say, wasn't playing in Europe, and it was felt to be fairer to have a new category, but the fact that McIlroy and other big guns end up taking the first few spots based on European points, and then world points come into play actually hurts the guys who play the European Tour more. I think it's time to have a look at another revamp. Maintaining a European Tour membership and playing enough events is actually very easy for the top players, given that the majors and WGCs all count I think the European Tour players should be rewarded a bit more.
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27 March 2016
I can't help but laugh at the lillywhite foreheads of pro golfers when they take their caps off, maybe they should carry a spray tan touch up can in their golf bags to, anyone any views?
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27 March 2016
I simply cannot contain my excitement for today's one on one round between McIlroy and Day. This might be the only time ever I may choose watching golf over playing golf.

So, who do you think will win it?

I'm going to say Jason Day, Rory makes errors lately, he with shoots birdies or bogeys... Jason Day is on point.

Who? Why?
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26 March 2016
I'm over on the West Coast again between 1st and 21st April. Any US Swingers (or visitors) in the SFO area up for a match play game? Or local members with a tournament I might be able to enter?
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26 March 2016
The course I am a member of here in Botswana struggles to be maintained either through factors of finance, climate, or lack of knowledge of green keeping staff, what are the 2 most important elements of a course?
I think course like this should focus on Greens & fairways?
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25 March 2016
Hit a couple of bunkers during my game on Wednesday and was absolutely appalled by their condition. Is players failing to rake bunkers a growing problem or does it just depend on where and when? Are people worse than they used to be?
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24 March 2016
Travelling to Bath Golf Club for comp tomorrow. Two comps at Royal North Devon Sat/Sun. 3 qualifying rounds in the weekend!
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23 March 2016
I'm amazed at the number of professional golfers with their own wine labels. Have any Swingers sampled any? I am a big fan of the Ernie Els collection with his 'Big Easy' red and white great for everyday drinking but for something special the Ernie Els Signature label would be very hard to beat.
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23 March 2016
Will Tiger Woods make a successful comeback from injury this time? Could this be his last season if not? I would really love to see him win another major but I fear this may not happen.
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23 March 2016
Anybody else as yet managed to try the new AD333? It's now certainly my ball of choice after many years a Pro-V snob!
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23 March 2016
I'm on a short break with the family. Anyone in the area who fancies a round between those dates, please get in touch with me. We are staying in a villa in Mijas area, to the north of Malaga.
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23 March 2016
There has been a lot of discussion and controversy regarding the above subject recently.Tennis, has been the most topical sport featured in this debate, but in fact the biggest divide in prize money between Men and Women is in Golf, where for the Open Championships Men receive £1.15 million and women £298.000. I am not aware of any complaints from the LPGA and like the Men, they play 4 rounds, not like in Tennis where the women play best of 3 sets, not 5 like the Men. Any thoughts on this subject?
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22 March 2016
Disappointed to see that the World Matchplay have continued with their group format for the World Matchplay. I get that they want to protect the big payers for the sake of their crowds, but one of the great things about the old format was having upsets from the start to the finish.
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22 March 2016
I believe the R&A have recommended for 2016 onward that the factor used for Handicap allowance for 4 Balls be changed from 0.75 (3/4) to 0.9. We have been having some big arguments in our Golf Society on whether we should play our Doubles competitions with 0.75 or 0.9 Factor. Eventually the "Low" Handicappers managed to get the vote to stay at 0.75. What are other clubs doing? There seems to be a mixture around the clubs in this area.some sticking at 3/4 some changing to 0.9 for new competitions. More importantly what factor is the Virgin Golf League going to use in the final!!!!!
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21 March 2016
Very well played - lets see you earn that cash
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19 March 2016
Karen and I are off for a weeks R&R in the sun....anyone on the island fancy a round, give me a reply. Likewise anyone with recommendations...we are staying near Limassol, so the quirky Vikla Olive Grove course is nearby.
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18 March 2016
Swingers, Simon Hudson and I would be more than happy to show any of the #TeamROW around the two Sun City courses in preparation for the finals... anyone from team Europe, there is a lovely little pit on one of the par 3's at the Lost City course we can show you!
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16 March 2016
Saturday, I have the opportunity to play Royal Liverpool. It's not in a competition but I'm playing there anyway. If you look at my player profile, you'll see what happened the first time I went to Royal Liverpool....

Sunday, my first mixed event of the season with Morag the bandit. Sorry, I mean Morag the quality golfer! Fingers crossed for a win.
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15 March 2016
Will be in Hilton Head from 31st March till 8th April
Anyone interested in match
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13 March 2016
I would like to set up a match with any swinger to play at Glen Eagles while in Scotland this coming summer...
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07 March 2016
All, I am in Dubai in April this year and wondered what peoples thoughts are on the best course/s? I have played Emirates Majlis and Montgomery. But keen to know if there are better courses there that I should try?

Plus if anyone is going to be out there mid April and is up for a game? Thank you, James.
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07 March 2016
Great venue, great new web site. Lucky I spotted it was up & running, Can't see any way of doing 5 VA flights from Oz this year though so no need to worry about beating my S13 scores!
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06 March 2016
What is the general consensus of opinion on the winning scores this year in the 3 divisions
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06 March 2016
So much for the big 3 (Speith, McIlroy, Day). How can we count out the likes of Bubba, Adam Scott, Ricky Fowler and dare I say it, Louis Oosthuizen.

In my humble opinion it's going to be all about Adam Scott this year. If I had to choose a personal big 3 it would be Adam Scott, Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy.


Now let's see how my prediction plays out this year.
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06 March 2016
Swingers, I am 50 this year and aiming to play 50 singles open comps this year in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

I have a fundraising link at https://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Attwell1 and am trying to raise at least £500 so any donation would be appreciated. Current list of events is:

Hesketh, Oldham, Woodhall Spa, West Lancs, Collingtree Park, Bath Golf Club, Royal North Devon consecutive days, Pleasington, Woodhall Spa, Appleby, Hopwood, Haddington, West Lothian, Virgin Moor Park, World Woods Florida, Ulverston, Royal Ashmore Park, Conwy, The Addington, Morecambe, Lytham Green Drive, Carlisle, Halifax, Ashton Under Lyne, Dewsbury, Kirkby Lonsdale, Hawkstone Park, Accrington, West End, Knott End, JB Clitheroe, Crompton & Royton, Conwy, Gillingham, Letchworth, Blackpool North Shore, Nelson, Halifax Bradley Hall, Lancaster, Felixstowe Ferry, S&A Links, Preston, Crow Nest, Rossendale, Penrith, St Annes Old Links, Lochmaben, Cavendish, Sandiway, Longridge, Blackburn, West Middlesex, Clitheroe and, that's it for now.

I'd also appreciate you forwarding this email to anyone you know who knows me and would be willing to donate. As the once great Mr Geldof once said, "give me your money!"

Mark Attwell
Sent from my iPad
On 18 Feb 2016, at 10:29, Rachel Hassey wrote:

Hello Mark. How are you?

I wanted to get in touch as I have heard you are fundraising for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. I wanted to introduce myself as I manage the fundraising in the North West and wanted to get in touch to see how I can support you with your fundraising.

Thanks again for choosing to support us in this way and I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks
Rachel Hassey
Community Fundraising Manager – North West
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06 March 2016
I think it's fairly well known that no winning European Team Captain has qualified for another final. Will the Captains Curse be broken this year and who do you think will do it?
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04 March 2016
Love the new website but spotted a bit of a flaw, Brian isn't top of his division and he is on negative points, that must be some sort of error, Brian what's happening mate, get your finger out as I have you in the sweep, keep up the great work guys
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04 March 2016
Hoping to kick the season off with some golf on a Virgin Atlantic trip to St. Lucia next week.....the snow in Ireland is making it seem quite attractive right now...
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04 March 2016
Nice and clean, crisp and inviting, well done to the team for the new website. I have given you all some stick over the years for the old and clunky one.... -)
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04 March 2016
Bring on the competition. Looking forward to renewing some rivalries and playing with some friends gained through Swingers.
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15 February 2016
This is just a quick message to the guys in Barbados who made me most welcome last year . Hope you are all well and still playing .If there is any chance of game with you this year please let me know . I am out on 6th March and leave on 20th and would love to hear from you. My e-mail is phil@posiers.plus.com
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31 January 2016
If you are attending the upcoming Royal Ashdown Society Day and require accommodation

I have received the following rates from Felbridge Hotel and Spa (www.felbridgehotel.co.uk ) based on a minimum 10 rooms booked:

Standard double room (sole occupancy) – per room per night
£60.00 room only
£75.00 room only (2 adults)

£70.00 bed and breakfast
£95.00 bed and breakfast (2 adults)

£85.00 dinner, bed and breakfast
£125.00 dinner, bed and breakfast (2 adults)

If you are interested in taking one of these rooms, please contact myself Gary Hankinson directly to coordinate the booking
Mobile: 07806 559688
email: ghtraining@blueyonder.co.uk

I am hoping to get a suitable arrangement for the Moor Park Society Day and will update in due course

Early days I know, however, I do need a min of 10 rooms to get the favourable rates

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26 January 2016
For those interested, I've started writing a golf blog. My first couple were my predictions for who will or won't make the 2 ryder cup teams and my most recent is a preview for the Qatar Masters.

I aim to write a preview to all the relatively big events this year. It can be found at : https://worldwidegolfblog.wordpress.com

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy
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25 January 2016
Looking for someone to fill the third reservation, and have a match. We booked for 3 players, one cancelled out, but Carnoustie is use it or lose it. Anyone want to fill in the 3rd spot?

No changes this far in advance is not too cool of Carnoustie, it makes them seem desperate. Oh well, hopefully someone else can play.
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08 January 2016
Commiserations to those that missed out on the Moor Park Society day but what a fantastic day yesterday with so many anxiously watching the clock to apply for a spot on the Society days. Everyone strives to play in the finals for their respective teams but now a new target is added, a place on a Society day. The Swingers league has to be the best golf league there is as not only for the is it golf but the comraderi produced amongst players. The fact that Moor Park was sold out in just four and a half hours just shows how important this aspect of the league is. It also goes to show how hard Paul and Luke have worked in the past years to make the Society days such a success even to rival a Kate Bush revival tour!!! Especially as she is prettier.
I would like to say thank you to you both on behalf of all the Swingers.
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06 January 2016
Yeah!! I am the first one to post for 2016! Whoohoo.
Hope you all had a good relaxing holiday. It has been extremely hot in Durban and I have a proper farmers tan from all the son. My golf is slowly getting back to where it needs to be.
Good to see some chirps from the English.. Just gone very quiet today with SA batting a bit better in the cricket. I have made contact with Mo and she is coming to visit me in SA in August! First international swinger coming to Durban for golf and hopefully not the last!
Just want to thank Paul and his team and everyone from Virgin for such a cool interactive golfing competition. I love it!
My kids are growing up fast. Lara is now 12 and she is playing with ladies clubs and Nicholas who is 18 months got his first set of plastic clubs yesterday. Ethan (4 months) is only interested in milk at present.

Happy golfing everyone!!
All the best for 2016 and may par's and birdies be visiting your scorecard frequently!

Hope to see you on the course soon!

Kind regards

Janus Horn

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30 December 2015
I am visiting Orlando for 2 weeks from 31st Dec – 14th Jan I already have a few games arranged just wondering if any other swingers out there would like to meet up for a game
Please let me know if you are available for a game email: gazhanks@blueyoner.co.uk or feel free to call my mobile 07806 559688
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23 December 2015
If anyone would like a matchplay challenge on the Thursday, I'm staying in Carshalton beeches the night before if any Surrey Swingers would like a game.
Please message me back or email d_ryley@sky.com.
Thanks very much,
Dave Ryley
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11 November 2015
Well done Europe almost a clean sweep. Wish I was there to join in. It is interesting reading the progress of all my ex team mates from Gleneagles. Keep it going to the end, I dont want to read about a remarkable comeback.
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26 October 2015
Team Antigua & Barbuda lost to Team St. Kitts-Nevis 13 points to 8 points. Was a great outing will give a course review later.

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25 October 2015
Karen and I will be there for a lastminute trip Mon-Weds this week...praying that the forecast changes on Wednesday...any Swingers in the vicinity?
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15 October 2015
As the finals aren't listed on Sky Sports, I've booked a week in Dubai from the 8th Nov if anyone's over there for some golf...
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15 October 2015
Good luck to all the folks who made the teams for this season. I can say it was fun for me, even though i didn't make a team I had a hole in one that made up for it.

Special thanks to Paul and Alice of the Virgin family, I will be enjoying my prize from Hetz playing the Z-cup golf event on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Kitts next weekend at the Marriott Hotel -)

Will keep you folks posted on my outing.
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06 October 2015
Those of you on Twitter will have seen and read about the sad demise of my Mizuno Toyota World Matchplay Putter, after 23 years sterling service.

What surprised me in the responses was how many people were suggesting I get an Edel putter. Previously I had never heard of these, and they seem new to Europe.

I had been impressed with the Cleveland and Odyssey putters, and am looking forward to trying out a few.

Knowing not all swingers are on twitter i thought i would start a discussion topic to widen the audience and ask for help on

1) suggested best putter brands
2) Best way to work out what is best for me?

Thanks in advance

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03 October 2015
I recently played the sixth round with the same ball. This is very unusual for me especially playing on courses where water plays a big part. It was of course a Srixon AD333 tour ball. I have now retired the ball so it can spend the rest of its life in peace and quiet. How many rounds do most of you find that a single ball lasts?
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01 October 2015
Email just received with the awesome news!
Days of wait , trepidation and excitement finally over!!

Come on Team Europe!!
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30 September 2015
Possibly the best spectator European tour event starts tomorrow - 3 courses to choose from, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns and St Andrews, sparse crowds - and free to get in Thursday thru Saturday.

Anyone coming up give me a call and maybe we can organise a game.
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28 September 2015
With the Presidents Cup upon us in the next week or so I just can't get excited about it (notwithstanding the fact that watching will require being awake in the early hours of the morning) - I don't think the international squad has the depth (or freshness) of the US team and will probably not compete yet again.

This competition needs to be linked to the Ryder Cup in some way i.e. the winner of the Ryder cup competes against the internationals not just the USA or the Ryder Cup needs to find a way to involve all three teams!!

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27 September 2015
Are Open better ball comps pointless? 48 points scored today in mixed 4bbb and CONGU are increasing the allowance - no point entering unless you have a mix of high handicap and low handicap
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27 September 2015
An apology to the leaders of the Division One Swingers- Particularly the guys in the top 3 spots. I haver made an error on my scores, and have shown an additional 5 and 6 points. This is not correct. The 5 point score is correct- the 6 point score is an error
I have just returned from a business trip and posted my scores from the past two weeks before I travelled. This included an 81 on 12/9. In entering the par score for the course I keyed in 80 instead of 72, clearly an error on my part. Having pressed submit I was unable to retrieve and correct the score. There is no way of contacting the administrators and changing the score immediately.
The 5 point score will not be good enough to get me into the Top 3, but It has been good fun trying, and the qualification has certainly helped me focus on my game- I was able to reduce my handicap by 6 shots over the past 9 months.
I didn't want my fellow league members seeing my scores and crying foul. I also didn't want the player currently in third spot (Duncan Castles) losing a nights sleep!
Good luck to you all.
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26 September 2015
Are there any lady amabassadors
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26 September 2015
Easy today, missed birdie putts on 2, 4, 6, 7, got one on 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18 and 3 putted the last. Good job it wasn't singles shooting 7 under handicap as haven't got 2nd flight!

13 pars.
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24 September 2015
I took a quick look at some of the American players and handicaps when i saw 30 and 50 points totals.
Obviously different systems. Handicaps have not changes or hardly changed over the year even 7,9 and 10 point scores for the the swingers. In England you would have been dropped around 6 to 8 shots for the scores submitted.
Seems a little odd to me. Do they do a yearly review?
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23 September 2015
Well done Morag. Into the finals allready. WOW. If anybody else is considering dropping out, I am but a click of a button or a phone call away. ( As if)
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21 September 2015
With 4 of the world's top 5 players 27 years old or younger, is golf becoming more dominated by young players than before or are these 4 (Day, Spieth, McIlroy, Fowler) simply 4 outstanding players who will still be leading the rankings in 5/10 years?
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21 September 2015
Well what a very enjoyable experience the day was at Hadley Wood Golf Club, the event once again excellently set up by Paul & Luke and the course played really well (for most, no names mentioned) and in good condition considering the rainfall (see evidence of Flying Club green staff in photo section)

This being my second of the Swingers Golf Days, having to travel the day before turned out to be the best thing, the day & night before is not to be missed with several Swingers staying in the local hotel, a few able to have a game and look around the golf course, some of it in the dark!!

With the night setting upon us a table booked for 8, a few drinks, good food and plenty of stories & banter ensued. Swingers in full flow what a great golfing family it is!

I personally had a great time with the 3 ex finalist experienced playing partners unfortunately just not good enough to drag me to their level on the day although my recent purchase of a Cleveland 56ᵒ wedge for the first time, managed to spin the ball 6yds to the hole!

Congratulations to all the prize winners on the day and the first S12 finalist Morag, who has yet to confirm that I will be her caddie at the final (still trying to get to a final) cheers Morag

To sum up the day: great venue, great company, some good golf and some ordinary golf the opportunity to make new friends “EXCELLENT!”

I can’t wait for the next season to start and hopefully more Virgin Swingers Golf Days!

oh yes and a FINAL! yahoo bring on S13!!!
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21 September 2015
I just counted up that I have played 55 rounds since qualifying opened (and will probably hit 57 by the close on Monday) - does anyone know what the single season record is for qualifying rounds played?

(Also, just realised that I am probably a little spoilt in the amount of golf I get to play -)
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20 September 2015
The Springboks vs Japan game reminded me of the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah. You will witness something like that only a few times in your life. When passion and will power combines it produces moments like Saturday. Japan was brilliant. It was the perfect rugby match. The same as that perfect come back from behind from the Europeans at Medinah. Once the putts started dropping, you could feel the spirit, the will power, the passion becoming the drive behind them. The Americans felt it too. Those moments are so special, when passion takes over there is almost nothing that can stop the wave. Well done Japan, you thoroughly deserved that win. To twice turn down the opportunity to half the match and go for the win was nothing short of spectacular.
Hope to see some of this passion in the Presidents Cup (but from the International team)! :-)
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20 September 2015
After controvercy in the Solheim Cup, should we just Putt out and shut up?
I have seen social golfers, who play midweek, with generous gimmees, pick balls up in matchplay, ask for gimmees in strokeplay comps....
We all like to play golf for fun, but if a gimme means your short putting is something you dont ever practice, there is only one outcome.
In the case of this morning, does seem a tad unsporting...spirit or rules!
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19 September 2015
I am square eyed after this last 2 weeks I've watched so much golf on tv. Isn't the solheim cup exciting. How many of you think I should get a life!!
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14 September 2015
I'm still nursing an injury to my arm. 2 weeks have know passed. I'm really missing my golf. How long have you gone without a game of golf and why.
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13 September 2015
A group of us, including a couple of swingers, are playing these two courses next month. I cant see any reviews on the Swingers site. Anyone played before and give us any tips. We are staying a few extra days so any recommendations on places to eat and drink welcome. Also any other quality courses nearby ?
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13 September 2015
My opponent took a practice swing and a load of mud lands on my ball about 10 yds away, literally covering my ball, he couldn't do it again if he tried. There was no way I could remove the mud with out my ball moving and no local rule, it's still summer apparently. My opponent said he had no objection to me cleaning it but I don't think he has the power to grant that. I've tried googling the question and I think it's just my tough luck. Any experienced golfers can confirm if I'm right or have any different ideas please.
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12 September 2015
Matt Fitzpatrick just missed out on a gross 59 today that has been done 6 times before, how unlucky. What's the lowest gross any swinger has scored?
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11 September 2015
Looks like being good weather for the walker cup at least for Saturday. Good luck to all the contenders and fingers crossed for home win. How many of you going to watch?
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11 September 2015
How many of you think about this at every event, look at who's in form and maybe change your choice. I have been doing that and have decided that it's the kiss of death. Everybody I name, even though expected to win, loses when I choose them. Sorry guys. What should I do, stick with the original choice?
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11 September 2015
For the UK Swingers although I think USA has something similar.
Does your club apply the Exceptional Scoring Reduction procedure correctly? Have you been reduced by an ESR after a couple of good rounds? I have heard that some clubs don't apply them which seems to create an uneven playing field.
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11 September 2015
My golf season has finished. An arm injury will not allow me to play any more golf for the rest of September.Best of luck to all who qualify. Enjoy al that is coming your way. You will not forget it.
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10 September 2015
I an finding it very frustrating at this time of the year. early on it looked like I would qualify for the finals but with a few days to go I am now giving up hope, I keep playing what I think is very good golf but cannot see how I can gain the extra (by that I mean less) shots to get the points I would need to get back into the top 2 I have therefore given up hope of qualifying for SC. So for the Team Europe players who do qualify good luck and potentially see you next year.in Season 13.
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10 September 2015
I have booked a round at Hadley Wood on Thursday 17th at 1538 which is the earliest I could arrange. If anyone would like to join me in a pre-swingers day round you would be very welcome.
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08 September 2015
So the world ranking uses 2 years of results, on a sliding scale, and that's the reasoning that Spieth managed to get to number one and then lose it when Rory wasn't even playing.

So without using the rankings who is the hottest player on the planet now? Surely Jason Day's last couple of months puts him way up there? dustin Johnston has been bubbling along for months without really pushing to multiple wins .... And Stenson seems to be the form Autumn player and seems to do it year after year.

Should the rankings be even more biased to recent events, and maybe include a six month drop off giving more importance to recent form.

Would anyone really object to Jason Day being number 1 now?
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07 September 2015
Keep seeing a couple of DQ's in our comps, but usually there's no reason given, so unless your off and investigating then you'll never get to know. I'm away of a few missing signatures but just wondered if anybody had heard of unusual ones?

i did hear of a guy that found his card in his trousers about 3 hours after the comp results were published, he'd entered scores on computer but forgot to put card in the box. Would of come third but got a DQ instead.

....btw Enterimg your stableford scores instead of your gross score on the computer does raise some eyebrows on the leaderboard but as a few of our seniors have found out it doesn't get you a DQ )
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07 September 2015
Decided to take a walk, lovely day , no golf, enjoying the sun, tripped over. 3hrs in the hospital later, good news, my arm is not broken, phew. Bad news, cant hold a golf club. Severe deap muscle damage.Was hoping to play loads of golf this month. Ibuprofen and rubs are at the ready.This happened a week ago. Trying to play today. Here goes........
2 comments | Last commented 09 September 2015 at 06:31 | Report Abuse
04 September 2015
With the end of the qualification period upon us in just over 3 weeks, I'm starting to get a little nervous! There are a lot of good scores coming in at the back end of the season, what scores do we expect to qualify for each division and when do we find out who has taken the relevant flights or not?
5 comments | Last commented 18 September 2015 at 15:48 | Report Abuse
01 September 2015
Every time we come to a par 3 everyone seems to laser the flag or work out the distance,Why not have a 'distance to the flag' notice and all get on with it.
8 comments | Last commented 10 September 2015 at 09:49 | Report Abuse
31 August 2015
Any swingers fancy teaming up for a few team opens next year, I would be happy to enter a team in the Tewkesbury Park Opens if anyone is interested?
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31 August 2015
Anyone planning on being in Portugal in September? Would be happy to fix up a Match.
1 comments | Last commented 07 September 2015 at 21:51 | Report Abuse
31 August 2015
A group of us will be playing at the flamingo and mustang course in Naples Florida between 30th October and 1st November. Any fellow swingers out here want to come along for a game?
3 comments | Last commented 13 September 2015 at 16:49 | Report Abuse
30 August 2015
Hi All
I have just moved to the area Suffolk/Cambridge. I am originally from Chesterfield in Derbyshire playing golf once a week casually. I haven't an official handicap but looking at gaining one and joining a club. If anyone in the area would like to play please feel free to let me know
2 comments | Last commented 27 September 2015 at 23:13 | Report Abuse
27 August 2015
Past or present, golfer or non golfer, who would be your dream 4 ball group, for an all golf 4 ball I would have Seve ( the man was a genius), Lee Trevino ( he was always funny and having a laugh when I saw him when I was younger and probably Tiger just to find out what he is really like away from all the hassle and obviously me, what would your 4 ball be??? thinking about my non golfer 4 ball now so will post this when complete
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25 August 2015
Sorry about the total lack of notice but love to have 1 or 2 swingers join us at RONDEBOSCH GOLF CLUB, for match play with Tony & I tomorrow 26th August at 8.36.
Cheers Mo & Tony Reardon
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24 August 2015
A lot of people within the golf industry are Genuinely concerned about the future of golf. the main cause of concern is the time it takes to play 18 holes, several idea's are currently under review, one being making the hole bigger to make it quicker, having a 9 hole handicap. I personally think some clubs need to cut the rough down, so players can find their balls quicker, any views?
3 comments | Last commented 27 August 2015 at 13:48 | Report Abuse
21 August 2015
Planning marathon charity event for 2016. Is it possible to play 50 opens at #JamesBraid courses in 1 year? #SrixonAmbassador
5 comments | Last commented 13 September 2015 at 22:40 | Report Abuse
21 August 2015
Holiday booked from 31st December 2015 -14th January 2016, anyone in Orlando area of Florida wishing to get together for a game, please get in touch. email: gazhanks@blueyonder.co.uk

Have a few contacts in Florida to join up with, so match play invites will go out nearer the time

My other half might well be playing golf by then hopefully so a mixed comp could be on the cards


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18 August 2015
Have just returned from a few days golf staying in St Andrews and whilst we chose to play Carnoustie rather than the old course a wonderful time was had by all. I can really recommend the place and also suggest purchasing a St Andrews links pass which for 3 days unlimited golf was £200 and gives access to all the courses except Kingsbarns and the Old Course, Since the green fee for the Castle course is £120 this is great value as 6 rounds can easily be booked and played. We played the Eden, Jubilee, New and Castle all of which are highly recommended - Eden as a warm up as not really the best. Jubilee really good as is the Castle if you like hills, wind etc.
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17 August 2015
Where can I get a box of Provisional, Straight golf balls.

When you hit a provisional ball , it always seems to go a lot straighter. Could make a fortune with these balls.
6 comments | Last commented 07 September 2015 at 22:31 | Report Abuse
16 August 2015
In the practice net by the 1st tee this morning - shanked a 5-iron into the side of it....and no one ever saw it again. A dozen people surrounding were mystified. Anyone able to top that?
3 comments | Last commented 18 August 2015 at 08:55 | Report Abuse
16 August 2015
Jason Day or Jordan Spieth to win? or is there an outsider going to come a few shots from behind?
I'm on Day at the works sweepstake....
2 comments | Last commented 07 September 2015 at 22:33 | Report Abuse
16 August 2015
Meeting up with an old friend and his non-golfing wife for a 3 day break. My wife and I are both golfers but my friend's wife isn't. But she likes spas! Any ideas for a good venue. Needs to be halfway between Felixstowe and Shrewsbury (around Northampton?).
2 comments | Last commented 27 August 2015 at 13:30 | Report Abuse
15 August 2015
What are people expectations based on current scores for a qualifying place and how many places do you think will be from this division.

Closing the gap slowly so a few good medals may mean I hit Golfer of Year at my club and a qualifying space!
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15 August 2015
You know when you're improving at golf when you can't get a putt to drop, drove poorly, feel like I played like an idiot and still shot my handicap.
2 comments | Last commented 18 August 2015 at 07:17 | Report Abuse
14 August 2015
Tried to submit a course review for a course on database and experiencing same problem as others in earlier threads. Tried different browsers, disabling firewall etc, but can't get damned map to appear to place marker on!!
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11 August 2015
I have just completed the rules of quiz on the R & A website, it has 3 levels, easy, moderate and difficult. I scored 6/10 in easy, 7/10 in moderate and 5/10 in difficult. Maybe we should have a swingers 'rules of golf' competition for the rules master and perhaps the pro's should also complete the quiz, looking at some of their queries....any thoughts?
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10 August 2015
I'm in Surrey on Wednesday night? 26th August and am available for matchplay challenge early doors on the Thursday 27th. Staying in Carshalton beeches. Any interest, please get on touch.
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  5 average rating from 1 members
10 August 2015
Played recently in a medal where a player left his golf bag some 60 yards in front of the tee.Played his tee shot which was clearly lost and then had to walk to his bag collect another ball and walk back again to the tee.

When I,politely,asked why he didn't carry a spare in his pocket he told me it was unlucky to carry a 'provisional'.
No one wonder golf is slow.
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10 August 2015
Tweaked my back playing on Sat. Anybody got any good ideas to relieve back pain.
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  4 average rating from 1 members
08 August 2015
Following on from the thread below. What's the worst golfing gadget or gift you have had? I bought a ball marker for putting a line on my ball to aid my alignment when putting. I marked up all my balls then realised that the marker was slightly too small and all my balls had a line that was just off centre.
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07 August 2015
I just replied to another post but thought my point might be useful to more swingers than might read that thread so here goes:

When it comes to getting fitted for new clubs, or buying off the shelf (you know you shouldn't!), I was advised by a professional club maker friend of mine that if you try any club and like it then buy THAT club, not another one with the same spec off the rack as most mass produced components, shafts, heads, etc have such wide manufacturing tolerences that two items with the same apparent flex / loft etc can in fact be very different when you come to put them in play. Hope this helps. Cheers.
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06 August 2015
As I'm slipping down the leader board, with a "FUN" Handicap 4 shots less than my Club handicap, I decided to look into the Terms and Conditions to see if I could maybe try to find another player for Match play as I understood from reading this board, that you can now only play 3 per season. But the Terms and Conditions state "Swingers can play as many Match Plays per season as they wish". Could someone please clarify.
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05 August 2015
I don't know if it is a golf club member issue or a society issue but the modern club golfer (in the UK at least) seems to be extremely selfish as it seems to be all about me, me ,me! They seem to think that the volunteers on the committees are there to hear their every moan and wish, if these people put half as much effort in to actually doing something within their club then the clubs would be a heck of a lot better off, instead of the same people having to volunteer for all the unglamorous tasks, as you can gather this is a bit of a rant but just want to know if there are any other swinger out there that may be on a committee or such that come across the same selfish attitude, it starts to wear a bit thin and zipping your lip becomes harder with each unrealistic demand, rant over but interested to see if it happens all over
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04 August 2015
What is the best golfing gadget you have purchased? i have just purchased a putting aid. Sightright Putting Aid. All I have to do now is get the ball on the green!!!
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01 August 2015
How many colours of Polo shirts are there this year in the goody bag?
I have Wasabi ( a sort of lime green?), I know of Salmon Pink, Ice Blue and White alsoi.
I always assumed all the shrts in the goody bags for each year were the same colours.
How many other colours are out there?
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01 August 2015
In pursuit of the perfect swing I have heard loads of tips but this week a young guy (no name to protect the guilty) gave me my favourite golf tip. He insisted that sex just before leaving for the course improved his game! I have suggested it to the missus but doesn't look like I will testing this particular tip anytime soon.
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01 August 2015
I have just started using a Sky Caddie Watch. I think it's brilliant, exactly what I wanted. On their web site I can upgrade for £15 or £30 per year but it's not clear to me what you get for your yearly subscription. Has anyone worked it out?
4 comments | Last commented 05 September 2015 at 18:40 | Report Abuse
01 August 2015
I have three old/antique wooden headed steel shaft golf clubs. A 1,2 and 3 wood. They are made in the USA and called 'pro model'. They look good with an ivory coloured plastic insert in the centre of the face and a brass coloured metal plate in the centre of the sole. In reasonable condition. I can send photos to anyone who is interested just let me have an email address. I found them in my dad's loft who is sadly no longer with us, so I have no idea of the history. I will accept any offer, proceeds to prostate cancer charity. They are in Manchester but could post them.
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31 July 2015
Interesting to read that Donald Trumps illegal immigrant comments made in US may affect Turnberrys chance of hosting a future open, The renovation of Turnberry starts in September 2015 and will be completed in June 2106. Any thoughts?
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30 July 2015
Very nice ice blue shirt and royal blue cap in the goody bag.

But, suddenly I noticed the asymmetric stitching on the peak of the cap and a faint circular outline. There's a magnet in there. Rushed to the cupboard to look at the red cap from the society day and there's a magnet in that too.

I must be the most unobservant person in the world!
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30 July 2015
I just wondered how many fellow swingers meet Tour Pros in the VA Lounges and share their experiences?

On Monday I was in the VA Lounge at Heathrow and bumped into Fred Couples!! I had to ask if it was him, it was and then I froze not knowing what to do next, so I excused myself.

As he left, he tapped me on the shoulder and said "Have a nice flight bud". How nice.

What should I have said!! Fancy a game?
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28 July 2015
Karen and I are on the island already....9 holes on the Sandals Regency La Toc yesterday, but hoping to hook up with some people at the St Lucia Golf and CC on the Cap Estate if anyone fancies some company?
Dont be shy!
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28 July 2015
Amongst the changes to Congu from 1st Jan 2016, is in
4bb matchplay where the difference will be 90%rather than the 3/4 current.
A good change or another blow to the better golfer?
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27 July 2015
4 comments | Last commented 05 September 2015 at 18:39 | Report Abuse
25 July 2015
I am off for 3 days to Scotland August 20th with three American friends.
Does anybody know any great secret hidden gems that are Links.Not the obvious ones.
I really appreciate any advise.
Really wanted to play an Open course however I feel the price is going to put off the players especially doing 36 a day.
4 comments | Last commented 29 July 2015 at 13:24 | Report Abuse
25 July 2015
I remember a few faces from Season 4 on here. I came first in the league. The final that year was at Goodwood. Having come 6th in that and no prizes I am yet to experience an overseas final.
I am available for a matchplay anywhere in the Norh West and I am flexible on dates.
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25 July 2015
They may share the same name,but that's about it.
Can Dustin ever overcome the Final round hiccups?
From grounding clubs to totally melting down, the guy just can't manage to complete 72 holes.
Maybe he should take a leaf out of Zach's book and keep his nerve.
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23 July 2015
I notice one of the competitors in the Omega European Masters is 'JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND' how would Peter Alliss cope with commentating on this name! lets hope he qualify's for the 2106 Open. A very interesting young man, who is expected to become a star on the asian tour. His father changed his name to Jazz due to love of jazz music. Can anyone else think of unusual names of golfers?
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22 July 2015
If you are visiting St Kitts-Nevis October 23-25, 2015. Why not stop by the Marriott Golf Club for this event. Their just might be a space for you.
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22 July 2015
A momentous occasion for my friends and I. It happened on July 10, 2015 in the company of my good mate Sir Richie Richardson, former West Indies Cricket Team Captain. Par 3 hole 13 at Cedar Valley Golf Club, Antigua. Hitting my 6 iron from the blue tees 214 yards from the green, I made a smooth swing and the rest was history
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21 July 2015
Following the BBC not starting the coverage of the Open until the afternoon of the final round should they not be fined for this. They even cut short the delayed third round on Sunday to broadcast a repeat of Dads Army. Next year they should guarantee full coverage of all days. I know it will be the last year for them but should not Sky also be forced to broadcast full coverage in 2017. It's about these big corporations were forced to think about their consumers.
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21 July 2015
Peter Alliss appears to have caused controversy regarding his comments at this years Open. He commented on Paul Dunne cuddling his mother as he came of the course, joking that perhaps he liked older women and then he allegedly made a sexist comment about Zach Johnsons wife will want some of the prize money to buy a new kitchen! without wishing to cause any offence, surely 20 years ago the press would not have even considered either comment being out of the ordinary, any views?
7 comments | Last commented 05 August 2015 at 19:01 | Report Abuse
20 July 2015
Played my best round ever in club Championship 76 on sat and 71 on Sunday. For once never thought about points for swingers until after round. Played with the club champion in final round. Have a bit to do to get to his level. Back to the drawing board.
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19 July 2015
Ran into the juggernaut Clive Appleby today. So used to beating Clive that I wasn't expecting the beating I received today.

Clive will get home and Chris won't believe him!
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17 July 2015
Is anyone up for matchplay up to the 24th August.
I'd dearly love a game but never seem to find anyone. Keep thinking that I'm scaring you all off!!!....
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17 July 2015
I have to admit I watched all 11 hours of The Open on BBC yesterday and thought it was outstanding coverage.
Highlight was Ken Brown 'on the course' and his plastic duck showing us where the burn flows to on hole 1& 18.
Day 2 this morning looks just right for ducks!
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16 July 2015
Last week I was totally absorbed with the first ashes test. Like the start of a football season it was a period of great hope and expectation, hoping the English underdogs could conquer the apparently mighty Australians. I watched the first hour, was in despair by midday and we stood at 40-3!

But then what a comeback and all four days were truly absorbing and top quality cricket. I did not watch one game of Wimbledon as a result, partly also because there were not enough really tight matches to follow. The cricket was just so absorbing to follow.

One week on and the Ashes is at the home of cricket and the Open is at the home golf.

Australia have a great record at Lord's and they are favourites again but the team is looking old and maybe England have the chance of a rare win at Lords?

The Open field is missing Rory and Jordan is dominant.

Tiger is like Nadal and the Australians - on the way down.

But there is a lot of other strong contenders especially given the weather forecast.

So which sport will win out in your household? The golf is on here currently but come 11am it will be switched to cricket - but what will I be watching Sunday?

Who knows ...... enjoy the sport this weekend whatever you are watching.
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15 July 2015
As a newbie to this, how do people get the Swingers Polo shirts please?
1 comments | Last commented 15 July 2015 at 16:07 | Report Abuse
15 July 2015
Having recently returned from Florida,I spent a lot of time watching the golf on tv.
In the most recent event Danny Lee received a one shot penalty for marking his ball on the fairway and lifting,only to find out that 'preferred lies' was only for the day before.
He finished one shot off the winning..
Took the ruling well and it's a shame other sports don't have their competitors accept decisions and move on.
2 comments | Last commented 05 September 2015 at 18:44 | Report Abuse
14 July 2015
Back to St. Andrews. McIlroy's out. Spieth's on a roll. Tiger's playing again. Rickie Fowler played consistently and steadily last week at Gullane. Should be a good golf tournament. Dustin Johnson says don't count him out. What are you expecting/predicting?
3 comments | Last commented 18 July 2015 at 14:25 | Report Abuse
  4.5 average rating from 2 members
14 July 2015
Has anyone received theirs yet? I saw a tweet from Gary Hankinson, who seemed to be wearing one on 29/6.....
Havent seen many selfie golfies yet.
20 comments | Last commented 31 July 2015 at 20:31 | Report Abuse
14 July 2015
Had a bit of an altercation with my driver which as a result is lying in two bits - well it should have done what it was told. (Cobra S9-1 10.5 degree). Given cost of reshafting, think I will look to get a new one. Any recommendations on the latest models (or even older bargains I might pick up on eBay).
6 comments | Last commented 08 August 2015 at 10:02 | Report Abuse
14 July 2015
Thinking of trying this out although at £225 for a kuchar putter it's an expensive gamble. Any swingers out there tried this?
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13 July 2015
Any views on the number of points that will be needed to qualify for the final. My earlier prediction of the low 20s now seems at risk when you look at what people currently have plus the oppotunities to replace some low or negative scores. What is a safe aim for a place at the bar in SC? 28!!!
3 comments | Last commented 15 July 2015 at 18:52 | Report Abuse
  4 average rating from 1 members
12 July 2015
Karen and I will be there 26/7-09/8....be great to play a St Lucian or any other holiday makers.
2 comments | Last commented 13 July 2015 at 11:06 | Report Abuse
10 July 2015
For anyone visiting Ireland there are great opportunities to play in Open competitions for a very good rate.
Newcastlewest at 15eur every Thursday
Adare Manor at 20 eur (Note not the star resort but still a good track)
Dooks Golf Club 30 eur

Check BRS opens Ireland in google if you happen to find yourself in Ireland for a few days
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08 July 2015
Would be interested to find out how many medals everybody's home club has available for its members we have at least 2 every week(either Saturday or Sunday and a midweek competition)
For those that don't understand the medal concept as they don't really use them in the states, a medal is a club run competition where your score will impact on your handicap, Europe based club swingers can only submit scores from medals or open competitions (other than match plays against fellow swingers)
5 comments | Last commented 17 July 2015 at 17:28 | Report Abuse
08 July 2015
So it looks like Rory will miss the Open having sustained a major ankle injury in a football kick about with his mates. Surely he should know the risk of playing football, as there is always a good chance of picking up an ankle / knee injury. A lot of sports stars have a clause in their contract preventing them playing dangerous sports like skiing for example.
But a kick about is always tempting with your mates, it's just very unlucky for Rory before the best major in the world. Anyone else have any views?
1 comments | Last commented 08 July 2015 at 17:20 | Report Abuse
06 July 2015
I've just missed out on a valuable Swingers point!
I shot Gross 86 in the July Medal - Nett 68 off my 18 Handicap - So "0" Swingers points - Fair enough - it did replace a -4 in my 6 x Qualifying scores. The Par is 70 and the CSS was 68. However on one hole, a Par 4, I had an 8 which under Rule 19 was adjusted to 7 for Handicapping (0 Stableford points) Therefore my Handicap was adjusted down by 1 x 0.3 - A point wasted !!!
3 comments | Last commented 14 July 2015 at 12:54 | Report Abuse
06 July 2015
My golf course, unfortunately, has cows that roam on the golf course. ( part of a clause allowing cows to roam in an open park ), they often get into bunkers and cause a lot of damage. If your ball enters a bunker , with cow hoof prints, and your ball lies in a print. Can you have free relief from the print. Also can you have free relief from cow dung in a hazard.
4 comments | Last commented 09 July 2015 at 13:07 | Report Abuse
06 July 2015
Not long now until the Champion Golfer is chosen for 2015, but what do you think about the Open being held at St Andrews every 5 years - should there be more courses included in the rota? Or indeed should it become like the Masters and be held at the 'Home of Golf' every year?

As an aside - any Swingers coming to St Andrews and interested in a local game, just send me a message.

2 comments | Last commented 08 July 2015 at 20:55 | Report Abuse
05 July 2015
OK. Step one, acknowledge you've got a problem. Why oh why do I continually throw away winning positions?

+1 for seven holes and quite comfortable. Then, double, double, quadruple bogey later I have lost 8 shots in 3 holes. After NR later in the round, I find only 3 players had beaten net par. I could have walked the first round of another comp and been set for the overall.

Not impressed and more importantly, struggling to find a way to win.
7 comments | Last commented 12 July 2015 at 06:58 | Report Abuse
  4 average rating from 1 members
04 July 2015
At the start of the year I managed to cure my slice, which I had been perfecting for many years. I had tried everything but a combination of lots of golf and a few lessons eventually something clicked. My handicap dropped and I saved a fortune on lost balls. I then had a forced break from golf for a few months and have just started playing again. You would have thought I had never played the game before and my slice is back even better than before. The golf gods are obviously have a right laugh at my expense. Anyone else suffered similarly, please tell me that this will click back into place at again soon and West Ham will win the premiership.
3 comments | Last commented 13 July 2015 at 22:29 | Report Abuse
  5 average rating from 1 members
02 July 2015
Why are SO many golfers completely inept at repairing Pitchmarks and raking bunkers? I'm getting so fed up of going off at the back of a competition after work to find I'm repairing up to 8/9 Pitchmarks on some greens and raking 2/3 bunkers a round that I haven't even been in!! Is this just something that happens at my club or do other people find this as well? My view on Pitchmarks is simple. Repair one per hole, even if it's not yours. If you can do more then great, but just do one. If every golfer did one, there wouldn't be any! An raking is just common sense. Leave the bunker as you would expect to find it! Footprints AND "splashmarks". Rant over.
6 comments | Last commented 17 July 2015 at 17:44 | Report Abuse
30 June 2015
Keith, thanks for being a fantastic buggy partner yesterday, thoroughly enjoyable round. Hope to get out with you again some time. Can you let me know which blend those cigars were?

Take care, catch up soon I hope
2 comments | Last commented 01 July 2015 at 21:15 | Report Abuse
28 June 2015
What a weekend of golf.
Fri 75 gross (+4) on a course I've never played before.
Sun 78 gross (+8) at Accrington CSS 73, +4 on par 3's and finished bogey, bogey
Sun R2 85 gross with 46 back,

If Friday had been a comp, I'd be at S12 final, but it wasn't!
4 comments | Last commented 01 July 2015 at 07:57 | Report Abuse
28 June 2015
Most destructive shot in any round of golf! or is it !!!
PLAYERS I AM PLAYING WITH ARE HAVING A PROBLEM WITH SHANKING . are we all getting older or is it a problem with there swing. The more I see it , the more I think about it. luckily its not my problem. YET
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26 June 2015
Who will finish no.1 ? I am torn between Rory and Jordan. Normally I have a favourite but this year I am cheering for both. Either of these players are good role models for the game of golf. So nice to see instead of constant temper tantrums from past no.1s
1 comments | Last commented 26 June 2015 at 23:29 | Report Abuse
24 June 2015
Played Burnham And Berrow last week . What a course. No wind , No rain, no lost balls. Cant wait to go back next year. ( Do you think the conditions will be the same) ?...
Chambers Bay.. Burnham.. Lytham. Think I will stick to our links Courses.
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22 June 2015
I shoot +1 to handicap,over 36 holes, miss a prize by 1 shot in each round and overall also. Somehow, I end up with -1 & -2 Swingers points for the day!
3 comments | Last commented 13 September 2015 at 21:48 | Report Abuse
22 June 2015
Now it's all done and dusted with so many comments both for and against the venue I would like to congratulate the U.S. on their choice. So much golf in the States is on target golf courses so it was wonderful to have something totally different. The only change I would have made was that the eighteenth hole on the final round should have been a par four. As a par five it was an easy par hole. Having it as a par four would have made a more exciting and tough finish.
1 comments | Last commented 23 June 2015 at 19:47 | Report Abuse
18 June 2015
The greens at the US Open at Chambers Bay are visually appalling, its very hard to differentiate between the fairways and the greens. what score would any virgin swinger post? I would guess 120 plus.....any views?
8 comments | Last commented 13 September 2015 at 21:45 | Report Abuse
17 June 2015
Just asking if any swingers have any recommendations or suggestions of golf courses in Oxford looking at 24/25th July, visiting for the weekend with better half who is learning to play so short par 3 would be good or championship standard for me Spa for the missus etc.. Any info welcome, cheers
5 comments | Last commented 27 June 2015 at 14:47 | Report Abuse
17 June 2015
Chambers Bay sounds like a tough track, I think Mickelson may shine with his wonderful touch around the greens and putting prowess, I've backed him to win, anyone have any views as to the potential winner?
1 comments | Last commented 17 June 2015 at 21:52 | Report Abuse
17 June 2015
Swingers sponsors Srixon are offering a special deal on club fitting at their Centre of Excellence at Studley Wood Golf Club near Oxford. They are offering breakfast gap and coffee, full fitting session with Trackman plus 18 holes on the Studley Wood golf course, along with a Srixon goodie pack. All including for £50 which has to be a good deal. I shall take up the offer and I hope other Swingers will also as a method of improving their game and in support for our sponsors.
5 comments | Last commented 20 June 2015 at 21:51 | Report Abuse
13 June 2015
At my last club we had sky caddie in the carts and I am now struggling with the limited distance info on some of the courses I'm playing. I think a GPS watch would suit me better than a laser or handheld device. I am looking at the budget end of the market £150 but there are a lot of options, sky caddie, Garmin, tomtom, etc. Does anyone have an experience or advice?
4 comments | Last commented 14 June 2015 at 22:50 | Report Abuse
13 June 2015
I played indoor golf at at a bar for the first time, its basically a giant computer screen and you hit real clubs and balls. You can choose from a number of famous courses and at £25 for an hour it was brilliant fun. Alcohol clearly affects my swing more than i thought and towards the end i managed to miss the giant screen just two yards in front of me. Thd one i usdd was called the green, in manchestr for anyone who lives nearby.
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12 June 2015
I had an email from Virgin Atlantic inviting me to join their Plane Talk forum. Looks very good and a a way to air thoughts on flights etc., I obviously made a comment on how good the Swingers Golf League was so hope I few others will sign up. If anyone is interested the website address is "virgin-atlantic-planetalk.com"
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10 June 2015
So tiger woods shoots a mind boggling 85 in round 3 at the Memorial in Ohio last week. He then informs the press that he needs to play more golf to improve his form.
Sometimes I play better golf when I have not played for a while, anyone else have the same problem?
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06 June 2015
Tough conditions at Lytham Green Drive. First time out for my new Srixon Tour Bag and AD333 Tour balls. Won 36 hole medal by 4, would have been even better if I hadn't hit two balls out of play.
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06 June 2015
My son wants me to teach him to play golf so I've taken him over the range and to a couple of pitch and putt courses and it turns out I am as bad a teacher as I am a golfer. He is 22 yrs and money is a bit tight, anyone had any success online or with videos, group lessons etc?
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05 June 2015
Hi All Swingers,
Tony and I are off to join 600 other golfers from around the World in Hua Hin Thailand this month and hoping to meet some other Swingers there. If not, we'll have to recruit some. Love to hear from anyone attending.
Cheers Mo & Tony
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31 May 2015
A week ago -21 was the winning score at Wentworth,
today -2(play off) won at Royal County Down on the European Tour,with players struggling in the conditions.

Having watched a fair amount of coverage of both events, I enjoyed by far Royal County Down.
Testing golf and par a good score.
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31 May 2015
How common is it for average or high handicap golfers like myself to cycle through a couple of nice rounds then follow with a long run of very poor rounds? I play regularly but find myself in a real rutt at present. No matter what I try the scores keep hurting. Just when you think you have turned a new corner, bang, it all falls over again.
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30 May 2015
Finally, into positive points territory! Only 2 for now, #top20fornow
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28 May 2015
I think that there was no way that Rory was going to do well this week because he had too much going on.
Or is it he is not hitting the ball well at the moment ?

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26 May 2015
I know it has been commented on regarding how many match plays should count towards your total 6 scores, I personally feel only having 3 allowed this season is wrong.
I got into swingers through a chance meeting on a Virgin flight and as a result have played matches with swingers in the UK, USA and Barbados. I thought this was the concept of swingers golf by playing, meeting, introducing new golfers, making new friends etc.. all positive stuff with additional opportunity to win prizes and if possible make the Grand Final!
By reducing the match play points it is diluting the concept and will not encourage a home and away match play especially with only 3 scores that count, what will be the point of playing if you can’t gain anything from it? Except friendship and a good round of golf, I hope, I accept it is quite difficult to win a place in a final with just match play points so why not revert back to original 6 scores it should give the incentive for swingers to play each other more often as I believe that is the whole concept

Anyone up for a match or not?
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26 May 2015
Miquel wins 288 bottles of beer for a hole in one in Spain.
No better person to win it but wondering where the Qty 288 came from?
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25 May 2015
Most Golf courses I have played on in the south east recently seem to be about 6 weeks behind for this year, compared to previous years, the greenkeepers are blaming lack of growth / rain / sun etc.
Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?
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24 May 2015
I have tried to set up a season 10 Europe finalist league but because I already have another mini-league it seems to be very difficult. If another season 10 europe finalist member wants to set anioher mini-league then I will join and hopefully others will. You will get a bonus point for doing it,
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23 May 2015
If any lady swingers are likely to be in the Algarve this summer contact, me for matchplay, be great to play with you.
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22 May 2015
Hardly surprising some very good players missed the
cut at Wentworth.The greens were described by one well known commentator as 'shabby'.
Makes you wonder what chances our club greenstaff have got when the European flagship event can't get them right.
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20 May 2015
I'm over in Boston area in a couple of weeks time,, I'm not flying back til Saturday evening so have the perfect opportunity to have a game of golf. Anyway fancy, nearby-ish? Should be over regularly so if not this time July? Thanks Morag
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18 May 2015
Anyone got any thoughts as to who will challenge Rory at the BMW PGA Championships at Wentworth this week, I need to back an outsider as Rory is only 5/2?
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18 May 2015
I recently attended a custom fitting day and despite trying at least 2 different driver heads with 5 different shafts ball carry and disbursement were all very similar with no combination being significantly better than any other. At the end of the hour the fitter was bemused and admitted defeat....Made me wonder about all the manufacturer claims regarding longer drives etc. etc.
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18 May 2015
I wondered if anyone has significant ways of marking their golf balls and reasons why?

I put my son's initials, JJ on mine with an x over the number, as I don't like playing even number balls.
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18 May 2015
Why give 50% of the places to Div 1 when less than half of the Swingers are in these leagues? Are they trying to get a better class of players in the final?
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17 May 2015
Just seen Miguel Angel's funky Musketeer dance following his eagle in R4 today in Spain....
What's your favourite?
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17 May 2015
Any Swingers on the island 26/7 to 09/8??
Karen and I will be there and would love to play a few holes with fellow golfers.
staying at Sandals with 9 holes on site but also looking to play the 18 on the Cap Estate in the north of the island.
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17 May 2015
Any one tried/possess the sunglasses that can apparently highlight your golf ball in the rough by filtering out all of the long grass?
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17 May 2015
I've just moved to Manchester, in the city itself, does anyone have any suggestions for good courses or good value courses in the area. Also does anyone know of a good driving range?
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15 May 2015
Just a short note of thanks to Paul and his team for putting together a great day, I have been lucky enough to play in plenty of corporate and society golf days and yesterday ranked up there with the best (even if the weather was nowhere near what us South African fair weather golfers find acceptable), it wasn't a bad way at all to sort out my qualification for the finals (holding thumbs).

Also thanks to my playing partners Jackie, Martin and Garry for making this 'foreigner' feel like part of the team.
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14 May 2015
Are any of the Season 10 European Swingers playing at the Grove on the 29th June?
I will be am it would be great to meet up with you again.
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14 May 2015
Is there anyone who would like a home and away game somewhere close?

This is desparation time as I can't find anyone to play against :-(

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13 May 2015
Invitation to fellow swingers to have a game of golf at El Paraiso. - anytime up to mid October 2015.
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12 May 2015
I'm up to 95, with society point coming Thursday, corporate day next Thursday, need a couple more course reviews for 100

Happily swap for 15 real points!
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11 May 2015
Our course's CSS is 72 but is regularly up to 75 and beyond. The course is parkland less than 7000 yards. Only Tour pro's seem to break the barrier.

Anyone for an explanation or do you fancy the challenge? Just look at my points this year.
btw the greens are tiny, bunkered with ridges and tight fairways.

Anyone fancy a challenge?
It really is.
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11 May 2015
Travelling from Barbados to UK for a few days and looking for a great course between Manchester and Fylde Coast. Do any swingers have any reviews of Bolton Golf Club to share, or is there something better?
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10 May 2015
The current weather forecast for Thursday is heavy rain. Look on the bright side - At least the conditions / scores can fairly be compared to The Addington!
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09 May 2015
Anyone having trouble submitting course reviews for courses that are not on the data base? I tried again today but keep getting the request to place marker on the map before submitting but there is no map there.
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06 May 2015
Looking at the entry list, it is very noticeable that apart from Brooks KOEPKA and Patrick REED there are no other top US players entered, with very good prize money on offer why are the top US players playing, any thoughts?
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06 May 2015
Hi, I'm based in the South East and play at Chart Hills in Kent although I'm based in Essex. I'd be keen to play anyone in and around the M25 on weekends.
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05 May 2015
With all this wind causing havoc at the moment, I cast my mind back to Sept 1999, playing in a scratch team event at Cardigan Bay, West Wales, where my foursomes partner had played out the bunker onto a two tier green, leaving the ball on the top tier. The pin was on the bottom and as he raked the bunker, the wind blew the ball from still off the front of the green, past the hole. He turned, gave me a glare and then preceded to line up the putt. I was able to stop him taking my shot and accepted his apology :-)
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04 May 2015
I was reading an article about the reintroduction of golf in the summer olympics next year.
I hadnt realised it would be a singles strokeplay competition ( both men and women) in a field of 60 players based on world rankings.
I had assumed it would be a team event, better ball or foresomes.
The qualification also seems to restrict the number of players per country, which makes sense, but does open the field to players well down the pecking orde.
They are building a new course too, maybe a swingers venue for the future if virgin expands their network?
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04 May 2015
I played last week at Addington and we played off the white tees. At delamere on the 14th May we are playing off the yellow tees but there will obviously players who played at Addington not playing at delamere and vice versa.
Is it going to be fair that Delamere players will potentially have the chance of a better stableford score because the course won't be as long off the yellow tees. Your thoughts please.
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01 May 2015
With the WGC Matchplay's new format being debuted this week, how do other swingers feel it has worked? I personally much preferred the old method of every match mattering. In today's matches, about a third will have no bearing on who goes through.
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27 April 2015
Anyone coming to the "Northern Golf Day" and planning to stay and play either the day before or after do let me know. Hoping to get another round in if anyone around.
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27 April 2015
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22 April 2015
I have been fortunate enough to play a number of courses in the Orlando area and have always had Orange County National as my favourite. What is the general consensus of the best courses around there? Is World Woods worth the visit? A few friends have suggested it is.
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19 April 2015
I've messaged 4 players in FL to see if they're available for a match. Hopefully, i'll find a victim (i mean opponent).
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19 April 2015
Great to see Jim Furyk back on the winning trail but sorry for Kevin Kisner. I hope it has wetted the appetite for all of you fighting to make the final this year.
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19 April 2015
Looking at the mens' results from China today,and the wonderful success of Lydia Ko to be world women's no 1 at 17 ( not to mention Kim Semi Young holing for an eagle from 154 yards yesterday to win a play off) are we set for Asia to start to dominate world golf? The Japanese stars never quite made it in Europe and the US in the 70s and 80s but this time I think there are so many stars emerging that a host of successes looks certain. How long before the Majors start heading East?
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18 April 2015
The Fairhaven Trophy is being played on Friday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd of May ( practice day Friday ) at Fairhaven Got club, Lytham St.annes. Some of the best under 18's boys and girls in the world will be there, 2 years ago Lydia Ko playing off plus 6 took part and last year the no2 junior boy in the world won the boys event. There is a full entry this year with the highest qualifying handicap of 1 taking part. Come and watch if you want a good day out watching the stars of the future and, unlike the Walker cup entree is free to everyone.
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18 April 2015
Due to work on the greens and my upcoming holiday, my first qualifying comp of the year at my home course will be the 16th May, fully 6 months behind some lucky southerners.

Slim chance of qualifying this year, think I'll cancel my weeks holiday booked for finals week and take the missus somewhere!
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17 April 2015
I like to keep track of what I call my “real” handicap, using all my casual games as well as competitions, and include 9 hole games as well. I do this using both a CONGU style handicap and a US style, best 10 out of 20.

At the end of October, handicaps at the UK club where I play most of my games:

UK style 25.8, US style 27.7

After 65 games in Barbados over the winter, handicaps for the club there, in March were:

UK style 20.5, US style 20.3

So not a lot of difference between the two handicap systems.

My problem now is that my scores in Barbados were lower than in the UK and my Swinger’s handicap reflects that. (And maybe I got a little better.) When I came back from Barbados in March, my Swinger’s handicap was 19.1 whilst my CONGU handicap was 25.0.

Getting to the point now:

It will take 59 poor games above the buffer zone to bring my Swinger’s handicap in line with my CONGU handicap. If we used the American system, I could clear out all my Barbados scores in just 20 games.

I suppose the answer is to play better.
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17 April 2015
Can someone please explain to me how all the Rest of the world players can already have such high scores but are still playing off the handicaps they are. Scores of 30+ seem common for players with handicaps still in the 20s ?????
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15 April 2015
Any Virgin Swingers in Barbados wanting to play before the end of the month ?
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14 April 2015
As I'll be in the UK for the summer, I was thinking of heading up to St. Andrews for the weekend of the Open. Could anyone who lives nearby or has visited before for the Open tell me whether it is possible to get accommodation for any sort of reasonable price and with regard to public transport, how far away from the course could i stay and still get there each morning and evening reasonably conveniently (within an hour). Thanks very much
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14 April 2015
Looking to organize match plays (Home or Away) in the northwest if anyone is interested?

Interested in playing different courses rather than points but if we can do both then great.
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13 April 2015
Maybe I just want to cause an argument....
So McIlroy hits the ball better than Spieth (and everyone else), and arguably has a stronger mental game (although after Augusta it's tough to fault Spieth there).
McIlroy still just doesn't make enough putts of that 8-15-foot length that you have to make to win consistently. When he putts well, he wins, but if he's not hot it's much tougher to happen.
With the short game Spieth has (his holing out over the last few months has looked like Tiger of old) it's difficult to see him finishing outside the top 10 much of the time at all, and winning a hell of a lot. McIlroy gets on incredible runs (like last July-August) but tends to cool off again for a while.
Spieth's only weakness that I've been able to see over the last couple of years has been temperament-wise, and if he's managed to largely sort that at 21 it's tough to see how he'll be stopped.
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13 April 2015
I am notorious for taking a wide berth of the practise range at my club, the main reason just being that I get bored. The range itself is great, with a grass area to hit off (during warmer months), some fairway bunkering, and it's big enough for driver off the back mats. We do have a great chipping green, again with bunkering, and a putting green too, and I don't mind using this for a little while before a round.

The problem I have is keeping interest when I have a bucket of balls. The only time I visit is if I have a new club to test out, and even then I would prefer to hit the course and see the performance with real balls and on proper fairways and greens.

So does anyone have an games, or strategies, to keep their interest when on the range? .... or like me, do you prefer to just hit the course and work on things during a round instead?
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11 April 2015
Me and my friends have been discussing the Masters. After 36 holes I think it's as good as over. They all thought that if Spieth has a 73/74 then he will be caught. Thoughts?
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09 April 2015
Would anyone fancy a matchplay game at Shrigley Hall next Thursday evening. Staying there with work and noticed it's only £15 for a round on tee times.co.uk

Has anyone played there before?
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08 April 2015
Is it just me being tight but I see the R&A are charging £30 a day to watch the Walker cup at Royal Lytham, looks like a good way to ensure there will not be many supporters there or are there lots of people out there willing to pay it to watch amateur golfers? Most people I have spoken to are not going because of the cost and we all live almost within walking distance.
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06 April 2015
It's 14C in Ireland, took the jumper off for half of the 7th hole today, good to be back in the warmish.
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06 April 2015
First qualifying medal of the year over . Been a long time waiting .. Can only get better. I hope .
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05 April 2015
What are the minimum points required this season to qualify from Div 2 anyone fancy a guess?

Probably 17-18 points might scrape home a place, will need to play exceptional golf to catch the front runners

Other than having two super excellent society day scores to qualify the comp is probably over for most participants, this season Div 2 looks the most competitive of all leagues

Won’t stop trying though, you never know!!

Is this season going to be the highest minimum points ever to qualify?
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05 April 2015
First medal of the year and started par,eagle eagle.
Suddenly thought,this is the day,and tried to protect
such a great opening 3 holes.Very nervous and then had 2 double bogeys.What a waste.
Why do we play such a frustrating sport?
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05 April 2015
Has anyone else had trouble entering course reviews? I tried recently for a new course in Jamaica but it kept asking me to attach a marker on the map which wasn't displayed so I could not complete the entry. I have managed this in the past for courses in the UK without any problems.
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04 April 2015
Will someone please send a text to ewan murray and tell him to get back to work!! Is it only me that finds the US golf coverage almost unwatchable. Tried flicking through it on fast forward to cut out inane commentary but you have to watch what they are all wearing carefully else you suddenly find yourself watching the same golfers week's ago!! Thank goodness we will have our own commentary team back for the masters
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03 April 2015
29 consecutive rounds under par and counting.....what is the record in the men's game by the way?
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03 April 2015
How about some Predictions Comps??? .
Or would all pick Kim or Ko?..
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02 April 2015
An alarmingly low snow pack, which California depends upon for much of its water, has driven Gov. Jerry Brown to order "unprecedented cuts" in water consumption, perhaps by 25%. Expect brown fairways and crispy greens on California golf courses that depend upon municipal water sources.
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01 April 2015
Finally found some competitive golf in Florida. If you're interested, have a look at http://www.amateurgolftour.net/ncfl_tour_pages/schedule.asp

Just booked World Woods 25/4/15 & Southern Hills 2/5/15, can't wait!
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30 March 2015
Testimonial Golf day being held at Haydock Golf club on 18th May a few days after Delamere, Many Prizes.... CAR hole in one, plus lots more, anyone interested?

If able to attend please enquire for further details to: madotestimonialgolfday@gmail.com
or give me a call 07806 559688
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25 March 2015
Need to pick 6/7 from:

World Woods (both courses)
Black Diamond Ranch
Southern Hills
TPC Tampa
Oak Hills
Sherman Hills

Any others in the area of Tampa and North Tampa you can think of?

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23 March 2015

I'll be in the UK for the Swingers days at Delamere Forest on 14th May - does anyone want a game on the 15th?


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23 March 2015
I'm flying from Manchester to Las vegas on Sunday 7th June. If anyone is going at the same time and playing in the area, please message me. I'm staying at the MGM until 11th June inclusive, then going onto Palm Springs for a 9 night stay.
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23 March 2015
Great to see the Northern day at Hazelmere on the 14th May so well attended. Hope this can be an annual day in years to come north of the Watford Gap!!!
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23 March 2015
Will Tiger ever get back to winning ways on the PGA and european tours. Your thoughts please?
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23 March 2015
I'm not sure that it's my worst ever, but my first medal round of the year at the weekend has me firmly planted at the bottom of the leaderboard. A 9 on the 1st followed by playing a wrong ball on the 3rd set the tone....still, it can only improve from here! I hope.
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20 March 2015
During our first day of the Seniors Open, a competitor's ball landed next to a prickly fuschia bouganvilleas and decided to hit the ball between her legs. This arose a question whether this stance is allowed or an illegal shot. Back into the club house, after consulting with the rules official, it transpired that the straddling the ball with your back to the target and hit the ball between your legs is allowed. However, this stance, the straddling is not allowed while putting on the green! One can't straddle the line of intended play on the green and has been banned. There, another golf rule learnt!
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16 March 2015
I have a hard time understanding why such a deviation exists between the USGA statistics http://www.usga.org/bookrule.aspx?id=14410 Vs Virgin Atlantic scoreboards. For example, a 10 handicap is supposed to score 7 strokes better that his/her handicap once every 1200 rounds. For some of us that play under 1200 rounds a year, it may be tough to catch up :)
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15 March 2015
My regular Sunday fourball at st annes has been transformed from a very informal "Chuck a pound in the pot" to a highly contested swingers match play event with all of us playing 9 holes against each other on different Sundays. It's become so intense that this morning I had to comment, "come on girls lighten up its just a game"!! Excitement is growing as our qualifying comps start next week and the usual interest in who's going to win the club comps has been replaced by "how many swinger points can we get" how many of you have found your golf life transformed like this and isn't it fun?
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15 March 2015
Following a previous thread of discussion,

In my experience through winter the tees are normally moved forward, "winter tees" play off mats or move ball to the side of fairways, not always but to protect the ground etc..

if this is the case at those clubs who have comps that are qualifying comps are they playing off summer tees and greens, if not, the course must be shortened how can this considered a valid qualifying comp,

How many clubs in the UK actually have winter qualifying comps is it 20, 50, or 150 does anybody know?
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14 March 2015
Thinking of a short break to Morocco in April or May. Seem to be some good looking courses out there. Anyone played any of them? Any hotel recommendations?
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14 March 2015
Having just slotted a 30ft birdie putt on the 15th Green, I strode to the 16th tee feeling pretty good.
I thought the ball deserves a good clean after that, so i popped it in the ball washer on the 16th and pumped the handle, only to find the ball had disappeared when the handle was lifted up! Thank goodness I ned had any penalty shots to add to the loss!
Has anyone else lost a ball in unusual circumstances?
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13 March 2015
Tomorrows comp called off prematurely due to snow. All clear tonight but no comp. 36 hole medal at Appleby 11/4/15 will be first competitive rounds. Season starts late up North.
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11 March 2015
When I tell fellow golfers that I am a Virgin Club Fun Swinger, they often look at me very strange and turn away in shock! Does anyone else have opinions about the league name? I would prefer to be Virgin Fun Golfer or Virgin Club Golfer than Swinger.
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09 March 2015
I just wanted to wish everyone good luck for the upcoming season and a huge well done to the swingers team. It's great the team listen and take notice to the general views of the participants, I'm sure the matchplay v Stableford/Meadal points was brought up in the discussion board last season, now we can only submit 3 matchplay scores.

Does anyone have any other suggestions that they feel would improve the structure of the Leagues?
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07 March 2015
Six scores in now so ok for goody bag. Chris Appleby complaining about jet lag but was still able to beat me. Don't give her any more tips to overcome jet lag, she's dangerous enough without help. How many others have their 6 in yet?
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07 March 2015
Does any one know if there is a reason or rule with regards to pro caddies, why they carry bags and don't use trollies or buggies they have so much gear in the bags etc.. I have seen on the pro tour qualifiers they use trollies, what is the difference in the big championships?
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07 March 2015
Has someone deleted the Season 10 Team Europe minileague. If yes would all the players be interested in re-opening it, I am willing to set it up again if no-one else is. Geff
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07 March 2015
Playing with Tour Yellow ZStars all of a sudden. I have never seen so much yellow ball coverage on TV before.
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07 March 2015
And you move between divisions of Swingers. A good score and league position in one could be midtable in a different one....just asking?
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07 March 2015
So, McILROY decides to start throwing the Nike clubs?
I was on the receiving end of a thrown club once,not pleasant,and Mc Boy should pay a hefty FINE!
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06 March 2015
So 'Rory' was the most popular pick for the first swingers predictions competition and he is 11 shots of the lead after the 1st round.......it happens to the best of us. I know form is temporary and class is permanent but any thoughts?
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06 March 2015
Interested in Flying Club Swingers tips for getting over jet lag quickly. Just finished Florida holiday, back in Uk. Still wide awake & got a Swingers matchplay in a few hours!
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05 March 2015
I believe that the PGA should change the requirements on ball technology to reduce the amount of spin as the change to club grooves has not really had an affect
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05 March 2015
Any swingers have experience of negotiating golf club water charges? My club has been stung with a very large bill for underestimated usage over several years. Borehole investigations have failed due to salt content in water(not surprising for an east angluan coastal course!) ,so high charges may continue and feed into annual subs. Any ideas gratefully received!
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04 March 2015
Congratulations to the player with a 9 point round, another player with a 10 point round.

Question 1, two qualification slots already sorted?
Question 2, will I qualify with 2 good society rounds?
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04 March 2015
Rory's favored in all 16 tournament predictions by @GolfingSwingers prognosticators! Not a bad strategy for picking a winner for each tournament. I may have to reconsider my picks. Rickie Fowler's going to win one, though, I know it....
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04 March 2015
If you are visiting the Johannesburg area of South Africa (or just considering it), please get it in touch, would love to host a few fellow swingers for a round or two at The Els Club at Copperleaf (looking forward to Mo Reardon's visit in August)
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03 March 2015
Any thoughts on this subject, with the PGA tour seemingly covering up these two high profile absences with not a word or press conference in sight to tell the paying public why these two high profile golf stars have been missing from the game in what could add up to the best part of a year, looking from afar!

Drugs, or Alcohol Testing could be at the centre of both stories..

Let me know your thoughts.
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03 March 2015
i am going to texas on 9th May 2015 for 2 weeks. 1st week near Houston and 2nd week near Austin. anyone out there available for a game?
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02 March 2015
Staying Spring Hill North of Tampa for 9 nights, anyone fancy a game? Maybe, Innesbrook, World Woods or TPC Tampa.
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02 March 2015
I have Swingers tournament games lined up with

Pat Vickers at St Annes Old Links
Gaz Hanks, Geoff Linnell and James Gear at Burnley
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02 March 2015
As a regular shanker of the golf ball, it was reassuring to hear that Ian Poulter had two shanks in the Honda classic at the 14th hole today on his way to a treble bogey, does anyone have any simple advice for shanking other than giving the game up.......
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02 March 2015
Have you entered your scores yet? I have entered more than 6 and still am in the negative. Just goes to show what kids and old age do to you!!

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02 March 2015
To Alan Clifford and the rest of my fellow competitors. Do not take too much notice of my current leaderboard position, I know I should not be in 2nd place!!
(I entered the same score twice and also all scores were loaded using my old Season 11 HCap), once the Virgin team correct evrything I will be back in my normal position, Mid League)
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02 March 2015
Is it right that one of Golf's crown jewels disappears to sky from the BBC?
Whilst the BBC may have been guilty of complacency in expecting to keep the contract is it right that Sky take control. Is it good for the game of golf and it's future. By taking it away from terrestrial TV is it reducing it's exposure? With the numbers playing golf allegedly declining and the number of golf clubs losing members is this the right decision by the R and A. I am of course a Sky subscriber so I can see as much golf as possible from around the world but should others miss out that are not so lucky?
I would be interested in the views of others.
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01 March 2015
A bit late but happy New year to new swingers season 12. Hope you all enjoy the coming year and the hard slog to get to south Carolina. Keep trying, I promise you the season finale is worth all the effort, an unforgettable achievement. Ready, set, GO
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28 February 2015
Looks like you had a great time in Barbados, here's to a fantastic S12...bring it on!!
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28 February 2015
I always say the Masters is my favourite week of the year....but Swingers launch is pretty close.
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28 February 2015
We have introduced a rake and place policy this winter in the bunkers which allows you to lift your ball rake the sand and place your ball in a decent lie which has had a lot of positive feedback from players, anyone else had similar local rules during winter?
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28 February 2015
How do I get from Barbados to South Carolina without crossing the Atlantic twice? Perhaps Virgin Atlantic will do me a deal.
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27 February 2015
Hello and Welcome to Season 12 its started!!!!!!!!
yahooooo come on, get the scores in!

What a relief the waiting is over, I can see a few sneaking in the back door any guesses/bets who is going to have a great season?

who are the bandits??

Enjoy a great season of golf everyone, Good Luck!
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23 February 2015
Is there anyone out there having great golf , but cant put scores in because their winter comps are all non qualifiers. Our course ( Sutton Coldfield ) is having winter work on tees and various other course alterations. Comps are all non qualifiers. You just know your golf will change when you can put your scores in.
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22 February 2015
To the rulemakers for the Virgin Golf league. Since in the Fun Leagues we are not yet playing is it possible to consider changing the points to that made against the SSS rather than the Par. As you are playing the course rather than individual oppenents it would seem farer to have your performance judged against the SSS for each particualr tee rather than the Par for the course. This would be much fairer and reflect whether you are playing a hard or easy course.
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17 February 2015
As I'm playing in the Fun Swingers league, I get to decide which cards I submit. I got 2 under my handicap today. Looking at last years scores, maybe 2 is OK but I'll take a 0.6 hit on my handicap. What if it had been 1? One is not good enough to get me to the final and I'd loose 0.3 in my handicap. It would be better to pretend it didn't exist.

So should I submit scores like this? I think that I should but strictly speaking, according to the rules, it is not necessary.
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16 February 2015
Can anyone advise when scores can be submitted and additionally, entry of qualifying bonus points please?

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16 February 2015
Hi All,

I am a keen golfer who is new to the Swingers League. May I ask when this commences for 2015? I am London based and an active member at Handheld in Surrey. I have heard of golf days for Gold Card members - can anyone share more detail on how to become involved please?
Thank you in advance.

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