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04 July 2015
At the start of the year I managed to cure my slice, which I had been perfecting for many years. I had tried everything but a combination of lots of golf and a few lessons eventually something clicked. My handicap dropped and I saved a fortune on lost balls. I then had a forced break from golf for a few months and have just started playing again. You would have thought I had never played the game before and my slice is back even better than before. The golf gods are obviously have a right laugh at my expense. Anyone else suffered similarly, please tell me that this will click back into place at again soon and West Ham will win the premiership.
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02 July 2015
Why are SO many golfers completely inept at repairing Pitchmarks and raking bunkers? I'm getting so fed up of going off at the back of a competition after work to find I'm repairing up to 8/9 Pitchmarks on some greens and raking 2/3 bunkers a round that I haven't even been in!! Is this just something that happens at my club or do other people find this as well? My view on Pitchmarks is simple. Repair one per hole, even if it's not yours. If you can do more then great, but just do one. If every golfer did one, there wouldn't be any! An raking is just common sense. Leave the bunker as you would expect to find it! Footprints AND "splashmarks". Rant over.
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30 June 2015
Keith, thanks for being a fantastic buggy partner yesterday, thoroughly enjoyable round. Hope to get out with you again some time. Can you let me know which blend those cigars were?

Take care, catch up soon I hope
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28 June 2015
What a weekend of golf.
Fri 75 gross (+4) on a course I've never played before.
Sun 78 gross (+8) at Accrington CSS 73, +4 on par 3's and finished bogey, bogey
Sun R2 85 gross with 46 back,

If Friday had been a comp, I'd be at S12 final, but it wasn't!
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28 June 2015
Most destructive shot in any round of golf! or is it !!!
PLAYERS I AM PLAYING WITH ARE HAVING A PROBLEM WITH SHANKING . are we all getting older or is it a problem with there swing. The more I see it , the more I think about it. luckily its not my problem. YET
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26 June 2015
Who will finish no.1 ? I am torn between Rory and Jordan. Normally I have a favourite but this year I am cheering for both. Either of these players are good role models for the game of golf. So nice to see instead of constant temper tantrums from past no.1s
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24 June 2015
Played Burnham And Berrow last week . What a course. No wind , No rain, no lost balls. Cant wait to go back next year. ( Do you think the conditions will be the same) ?...
Chambers Bay.. Burnham.. Lytham. Think I will stick to our links Courses.
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22 June 2015
I shoot +1 to handicap,over 36 holes, miss a prize by 1 shot in each round and overall also. Somehow, I end up with -1 & -2 Swingers points for the day!
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22 June 2015
Now it's all done and dusted with so many comments both for and against the venue I would like to congratulate the U.S. on their choice. So much golf in the States is on target golf courses so it was wonderful to have something totally different. The only change I would have made was that the eighteenth hole on the final round should have been a par four. As a par five it was an easy par hole. Having it as a par four would have made a more exciting and tough finish.
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18 June 2015
The greens at the US Open at Chambers Bay are visually appalling, its very hard to differentiate between the fairways and the greens. what score would any virgin swinger post? I would guess 120 plus.....any views?
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17 June 2015
Just asking if any swingers have any recommendations or suggestions of golf courses in Oxford looking at 24/25th July, visiting for the weekend with better half who is learning to play so short par 3 would be good or championship standard for me Spa for the missus etc.. Any info welcome, cheers
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17 June 2015
Chambers Bay sounds like a tough track, I think Mickelson may shine with his wonderful touch around the greens and putting prowess, I've backed him to win, anyone have any views as to the potential winner?
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17 June 2015
Swingers sponsors Srixon are offering a special deal on club fitting at their Centre of Excellence at Studley Wood Golf Club near Oxford. They are offering breakfast gap and coffee, full fitting session with Trackman plus 18 holes on the Studley Wood golf course, along with a Srixon goodie pack. All including for £50 which has to be a good deal. I shall take up the offer and I hope other Swingers will also as a method of improving their game and in support for our sponsors.
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13 June 2015
At my last club we had sky caddie in the carts and I am now struggling with the limited distance info on some of the courses I'm playing. I think a GPS watch would suit me better than a laser or handheld device. I am looking at the budget end of the market £150 but there are a lot of options, sky caddie, Garmin, tomtom, etc. Does anyone have an experience or advice?
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13 June 2015
I played indoor golf at at a bar for the first time, its basically a giant computer screen and you hit real clubs and balls. You can choose from a number of famous courses and at £25 for an hour it was brilliant fun. Alcohol clearly affects my swing more than i thought and towards the end i managed to miss the giant screen just two yards in front of me. Thd one i usdd was called the green, in manchestr for anyone who lives nearby.
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12 June 2015
I had an email from Virgin Atlantic inviting me to join their Plane Talk forum. Looks very good and a a way to air thoughts on flights etc., I obviously made a comment on how good the Swingers Golf League was so hope I few others will sign up. If anyone is interested the website address is ""
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10 June 2015
So tiger woods shoots a mind boggling 85 in round 3 at the Memorial in Ohio last week. He then informs the press that he needs to play more golf to improve his form.
Sometimes I play better golf when I have not played for a while, anyone else have the same problem?
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06 June 2015
Tough conditions at Lytham Green Drive. First time out for my new Srixon Tour Bag and AD333 Tour balls. Won 36 hole medal by 4, would have been even better if I hadn't hit two balls out of play.
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06 June 2015
My son wants me to teach him to play golf so I've taken him over the range and to a couple of pitch and putt courses and it turns out I am as bad a teacher as I am a golfer. He is 22 yrs and money is a bit tight, anyone had any success online or with videos, group lessons etc?
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05 June 2015
Hi All Swingers,
Tony and I are off to join 600 other golfers from around the World in Hua Hin Thailand this month and hoping to meet some other Swingers there. If not, we'll have to recruit some. Love to hear from anyone attending.
Cheers Mo & Tony
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31 May 2015
A week ago -21 was the winning score at Wentworth,
today -2(play off) won at Royal County Down on the European Tour,with players struggling in the conditions.

Having watched a fair amount of coverage of both events, I enjoyed by far Royal County Down.
Testing golf and par a good score.
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31 May 2015
How common is it for average or high handicap golfers like myself to cycle through a couple of nice rounds then follow with a long run of very poor rounds? I play regularly but find myself in a real rutt at present. No matter what I try the scores keep hurting. Just when you think you have turned a new corner, bang, it all falls over again.
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30 May 2015
Finally, into positive points territory! Only 2 for now, #top20fornow
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28 May 2015
I think that there was no way that Rory was going to do well this week because he had too much going on.
Or is it he is not hitting the ball well at the moment ?

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26 May 2015
I know it has been commented on regarding how many match plays should count towards your total 6 scores, I personally feel only having 3 allowed this season is wrong.
I got into swingers through a chance meeting on a Virgin flight and as a result have played matches with swingers in the UK, USA and Barbados. I thought this was the concept of swingers golf by playing, meeting, introducing new golfers, making new friends etc.. all positive stuff with additional opportunity to win prizes and if possible make the Grand Final!
By reducing the match play points it is diluting the concept and will not encourage a home and away match play especially with only 3 scores that count, what will be the point of playing if you can’t gain anything from it? Except friendship and a good round of golf, I hope, I accept it is quite difficult to win a place in a final with just match play points so why not revert back to original 6 scores it should give the incentive for swingers to play each other more often as I believe that is the whole concept

Anyone up for a match or not?
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26 May 2015
Miquel wins 288 bottles of beer for a hole in one in Spain.
No better person to win it but wondering where the Qty 288 came from?
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25 May 2015
Most Golf courses I have played on in the south east recently seem to be about 6 weeks behind for this year, compared to previous years, the greenkeepers are blaming lack of growth / rain / sun etc.
Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?
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24 May 2015
I have tried to set up a season 10 Europe finalist league but because I already have another mini-league it seems to be very difficult. If another season 10 europe finalist member wants to set anioher mini-league then I will join and hopefully others will. You will get a bonus point for doing it,
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23 May 2015
If any lady swingers are likely to be in the Algarve this summer contact, me for matchplay, be great to play with you.
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22 May 2015
Hardly surprising some very good players missed the
cut at Wentworth.The greens were described by one well known commentator as 'shabby'.
Makes you wonder what chances our club greenstaff have got when the European flagship event can't get them right.
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20 May 2015
I'm over in Boston area in a couple of weeks time,, I'm not flying back til Saturday evening so have the perfect opportunity to have a game of golf. Anyway fancy, nearby-ish? Should be over regularly so if not this time July? Thanks Morag
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18 May 2015
Anyone got any thoughts as to who will challenge Rory at the BMW PGA Championships at Wentworth this week, I need to back an outsider as Rory is only 5/2?
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18 May 2015
I recently attended a custom fitting day and despite trying at least 2 different driver heads with 5 different shafts ball carry and disbursement were all very similar with no combination being significantly better than any other. At the end of the hour the fitter was bemused and admitted defeat....Made me wonder about all the manufacturer claims regarding longer drives etc. etc.
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18 May 2015
I wondered if anyone has significant ways of marking their golf balls and reasons why?

I put my son's initials, JJ on mine with an x over the number, as I don't like playing even number balls.
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18 May 2015
Why give 50% of the places to Div 1 when less than half of the Swingers are in these leagues? Are they trying to get a better class of players in the final?
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17 May 2015
Just seen Miguel Angel's funky Musketeer dance following his eagle in R4 today in Spain....
What's your favourite?
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17 May 2015
Any Swingers on the island 26/7 to 09/8??
Karen and I will be there and would love to play a few holes with fellow golfers.
staying at Sandals with 9 holes on site but also looking to play the 18 on the Cap Estate in the north of the island.
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17 May 2015
Any one tried/possess the sunglasses that can apparently highlight your golf ball in the rough by filtering out all of the long grass?
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17 May 2015
I've just moved to Manchester, in the city itself, does anyone have any suggestions for good courses or good value courses in the area. Also does anyone know of a good driving range?
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15 May 2015
Just a short note of thanks to Paul and his team for putting together a great day, I have been lucky enough to play in plenty of corporate and society golf days and yesterday ranked up there with the best (even if the weather was nowhere near what us South African fair weather golfers find acceptable), it wasn't a bad way at all to sort out my qualification for the finals (holding thumbs).

Also thanks to my playing partners Jackie, Martin and Garry for making this 'foreigner' feel like part of the team.
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14 May 2015
Are any of the Season 10 European Swingers playing at the Grove on the 29th June?
I will be am it would be great to meet up with you again.
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14 May 2015
Is there anyone who would like a home and away game somewhere close?

This is desparation time as I can't find anyone to play against :-(

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13 May 2015
Invitation to fellow swingers to have a game of golf at El Paraiso. - anytime up to mid October 2015.
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12 May 2015
I'm up to 95, with society point coming Thursday, corporate day next Thursday, need a couple more course reviews for 100

Happily swap for 15 real points!
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11 May 2015
Our course's CSS is 72 but is regularly up to 75 and beyond. The course is parkland less than 7000 yards. Only Tour pro's seem to break the barrier.

Anyone for an explanation or do you fancy the challenge? Just look at my points this year.
btw the greens are tiny, bunkered with ridges and tight fairways.

Anyone fancy a challenge?
It really is.
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11 May 2015
Travelling from Barbados to UK for a few days and looking for a great course between Manchester and Fylde Coast. Do any swingers have any reviews of Bolton Golf Club to share, or is there something better?
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10 May 2015
The current weather forecast for Thursday is heavy rain. Look on the bright side - At least the conditions / scores can fairly be compared to The Addington!
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09 May 2015
Anyone having trouble submitting course reviews for courses that are not on the data base? I tried again today but keep getting the request to place marker on the map before submitting but there is no map there.
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06 May 2015
Looking at the entry list, it is very noticeable that apart from Brooks KOEPKA and Patrick REED there are no other top US players entered, with very good prize money on offer why are the top US players playing, any thoughts?
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06 May 2015
Hi, I'm based in the South East and play at Chart Hills in Kent although I'm based in Essex. I'd be keen to play anyone in and around the M25 on weekends.
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05 May 2015
With all this wind causing havoc at the moment, I cast my mind back to Sept 1999, playing in a scratch team event at Cardigan Bay, West Wales, where my foursomes partner had played out the bunker onto a two tier green, leaving the ball on the top tier. The pin was on the bottom and as he raked the bunker, the wind blew the ball from still off the front of the green, past the hole. He turned, gave me a glare and then preceded to line up the putt. I was able to stop him taking my shot and accepted his apology :-)
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04 May 2015
I was reading an article about the reintroduction of golf in the summer olympics next year.
I hadnt realised it would be a singles strokeplay competition ( both men and women) in a field of 60 players based on world rankings.
I had assumed it would be a team event, better ball or foresomes.
The qualification also seems to restrict the number of players per country, which makes sense, but does open the field to players well down the pecking orde.
They are building a new course too, maybe a swingers venue for the future if virgin expands their network?
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04 May 2015
I played last week at Addington and we played off the white tees. At delamere on the 14th May we are playing off the yellow tees but there will obviously players who played at Addington not playing at delamere and vice versa.
Is it going to be fair that Delamere players will potentially have the chance of a better stableford score because the course won't be as long off the yellow tees. Your thoughts please.
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01 May 2015
With the WGC Matchplay's new format being debuted this week, how do other swingers feel it has worked? I personally much preferred the old method of every match mattering. In today's matches, about a third will have no bearing on who goes through.
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27 April 2015
Anyone coming to the "Northern Golf Day" and planning to stay and play either the day before or after do let me know. Hoping to get another round in if anyone around.
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27 April 2015
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22 April 2015
I have been fortunate enough to play a number of courses in the Orlando area and have always had Orange County National as my favourite. What is the general consensus of the best courses around there? Is World Woods worth the visit? A few friends have suggested it is.
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19 April 2015
I've messaged 4 players in FL to see if they're available for a match. Hopefully, i'll find a victim (i mean opponent).
4 comments | Last commented 27 April 2015 at 12:31 | Report Abuse
19 April 2015
Great to see Jim Furyk back on the winning trail but sorry for Kevin Kisner. I hope it has wetted the appetite for all of you fighting to make the final this year.
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19 April 2015
Looking at the mens' results from China today,and the wonderful success of Lydia Ko to be world women's no 1 at 17 ( not to mention Kim Semi Young holing for an eagle from 154 yards yesterday to win a play off) are we set for Asia to start to dominate world golf? The Japanese stars never quite made it in Europe and the US in the 70s and 80s but this time I think there are so many stars emerging that a host of successes looks certain. How long before the Majors start heading East?
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18 April 2015
The Fairhaven Trophy is being played on Friday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd of May ( practice day Friday ) at Fairhaven Got club, Lytham St.annes. Some of the best under 18's boys and girls in the world will be there, 2 years ago Lydia Ko playing off plus 6 took part and last year the no2 junior boy in the world won the boys event. There is a full entry this year with the highest qualifying handicap of 1 taking part. Come and watch if you want a good day out watching the stars of the future and, unlike the Walker cup entree is free to everyone.
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18 April 2015
Due to work on the greens and my upcoming holiday, my first qualifying comp of the year at my home course will be the 16th May, fully 6 months behind some lucky southerners.

Slim chance of qualifying this year, think I'll cancel my weeks holiday booked for finals week and take the missus somewhere!
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17 April 2015
I like to keep track of what I call my “real” handicap, using all my casual games as well as competitions, and include 9 hole games as well. I do this using both a CONGU style handicap and a US style, best 10 out of 20.

At the end of October, handicaps at the UK club where I play most of my games:

UK style 25.8, US style 27.7

After 65 games in Barbados over the winter, handicaps for the club there, in March were:

UK style 20.5, US style 20.3

So not a lot of difference between the two handicap systems.

My problem now is that my scores in Barbados were lower than in the UK and my Swinger’s handicap reflects that. (And maybe I got a little better.) When I came back from Barbados in March, my Swinger’s handicap was 19.1 whilst my CONGU handicap was 25.0.

Getting to the point now:

It will take 59 poor games above the buffer zone to bring my Swinger’s handicap in line with my CONGU handicap. If we used the American system, I could clear out all my Barbados scores in just 20 games.

I suppose the answer is to play better.
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17 April 2015
Can someone please explain to me how all the Rest of the world players can already have such high scores but are still playing off the handicaps they are. Scores of 30+ seem common for players with handicaps still in the 20s ?????
10 comments | Last commented 18 May 2015 at 03:00 | Report Abuse
15 April 2015
Any Virgin Swingers in Barbados wanting to play before the end of the month ?
10 comments | Last commented 19 April 2015 at 01:59 | Report Abuse
14 April 2015
As I'll be in the UK for the summer, I was thinking of heading up to St. Andrews for the weekend of the Open. Could anyone who lives nearby or has visited before for the Open tell me whether it is possible to get accommodation for any sort of reasonable price and with regard to public transport, how far away from the course could i stay and still get there each morning and evening reasonably conveniently (within an hour). Thanks very much
5 comments | Last commented 16 April 2015 at 12:29 | Report Abuse
14 April 2015
Looking to organize match plays (Home or Away) in the northwest if anyone is interested?

Interested in playing different courses rather than points but if we can do both then great.
2 comments | Last commented 22 April 2015 at 12:53 | Report Abuse
13 April 2015
Maybe I just want to cause an argument....
So McIlroy hits the ball better than Spieth (and everyone else), and arguably has a stronger mental game (although after Augusta it's tough to fault Spieth there).
McIlroy still just doesn't make enough putts of that 8-15-foot length that you have to make to win consistently. When he putts well, he wins, but if he's not hot it's much tougher to happen.
With the short game Spieth has (his holing out over the last few months has looked like Tiger of old) it's difficult to see him finishing outside the top 10 much of the time at all, and winning a hell of a lot. McIlroy gets on incredible runs (like last July-August) but tends to cool off again for a while.
Spieth's only weakness that I've been able to see over the last couple of years has been temperament-wise, and if he's managed to largely sort that at 21 it's tough to see how he'll be stopped.
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13 April 2015
I am notorious for taking a wide berth of the practise range at my club, the main reason just being that I get bored. The range itself is great, with a grass area to hit off (during warmer months), some fairway bunkering, and it's big enough for driver off the back mats. We do have a great chipping green, again with bunkering, and a putting green too, and I don't mind using this for a little while before a round.

The problem I have is keeping interest when I have a bucket of balls. The only time I visit is if I have a new club to test out, and even then I would prefer to hit the course and see the performance with real balls and on proper fairways and greens.

So does anyone have an games, or strategies, to keep their interest when on the range? .... or like me, do you prefer to just hit the course and work on things during a round instead?
4 comments | Last commented 21 April 2015 at 10:01 | Report Abuse
11 April 2015
Me and my friends have been discussing the Masters. After 36 holes I think it's as good as over. They all thought that if Spieth has a 73/74 then he will be caught. Thoughts?
4 comments | Last commented 22 April 2015 at 13:16 | Report Abuse
09 April 2015
Would anyone fancy a matchplay game at Shrigley Hall next Thursday evening. Staying there with work and noticed it's only £15 for a round on tee

Has anyone played there before?
2 comments | Last commented 10 April 2015 at 22:35 | Report Abuse
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08 April 2015
Is it just me being tight but I see the R&A are charging £30 a day to watch the Walker cup at Royal Lytham, looks like a good way to ensure there will not be many supporters there or are there lots of people out there willing to pay it to watch amateur golfers? Most people I have spoken to are not going because of the cost and we all live almost within walking distance.
8 comments | Last commented 16 April 2015 at 11:27 | Report Abuse
06 April 2015
It's 14C in Ireland, took the jumper off for half of the 7th hole today, good to be back in the warmish.
4 comments | Last commented 12 April 2015 at 22:06 | Report Abuse
06 April 2015
First qualifying medal of the year over . Been a long time waiting .. Can only get better. I hope .
2 comments | Last commented 06 April 2015 at 18:20 | Report Abuse
05 April 2015
What are the minimum points required this season to qualify from Div 2 anyone fancy a guess?

Probably 17-18 points might scrape home a place, will need to play exceptional golf to catch the front runners

Other than having two super excellent society day scores to qualify the comp is probably over for most participants, this season Div 2 looks the most competitive of all leagues

Won’t stop trying though, you never know!!

Is this season going to be the highest minimum points ever to qualify?
9 comments | Last commented 16 April 2015 at 22:56 | Report Abuse
05 April 2015
First medal of the year and started par,eagle eagle.
Suddenly thought,this is the day,and tried to protect
such a great opening 3 holes.Very nervous and then had 2 double bogeys.What a waste.
Why do we play such a frustrating sport?
5 comments | Last commented 06 April 2015 at 21:54 | Report Abuse
05 April 2015
Has anyone else had trouble entering course reviews? I tried recently for a new course in Jamaica but it kept asking me to attach a marker on the map which wasn't displayed so I could not complete the entry. I have managed this in the past for courses in the UK without any problems.
3 comments | Last commented 25 April 2015 at 12:50 | Report Abuse
04 April 2015
Will someone please send a text to ewan murray and tell him to get back to work!! Is it only me that finds the US golf coverage almost unwatchable. Tried flicking through it on fast forward to cut out inane commentary but you have to watch what they are all wearing carefully else you suddenly find yourself watching the same golfers week's ago!! Thank goodness we will have our own commentary team back for the masters
1 comments | Last commented 10 April 2015 at 22:38 | Report Abuse
03 April 2015
29 consecutive rounds under par and counting.....what is the record in the men's game by the way?
2 comments | Last commented 06 April 2015 at 21:54 | Report Abuse
03 April 2015
How about some Predictions Comps??? .
Or would all pick Kim or Ko?..
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02 April 2015
An alarmingly low snow pack, which California depends upon for much of its water, has driven Gov. Jerry Brown to order "unprecedented cuts" in water consumption, perhaps by 25%. Expect brown fairways and crispy greens on California golf courses that depend upon municipal water sources.
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01 April 2015
Finally found some competitive golf in Florida. If you're interested, have a look at

Just booked World Woods 25/4/15 & Southern Hills 2/5/15, can't wait!
3 comments | Last commented 07 May 2015 at 18:04 | Report Abuse
30 March 2015
Testimonial Golf day being held at Haydock Golf club on 18th May a few days after Delamere, Many Prizes.... CAR hole in one, plus lots more, anyone interested?

If able to attend please enquire for further details to:
or give me a call 07806 559688
3 comments | Last commented 01 April 2015 at 15:58 | Report Abuse
25 March 2015
Need to pick 6/7 from:

World Woods (both courses)
Black Diamond Ranch
Southern Hills
TPC Tampa
Oak Hills
Sherman Hills

Any others in the area of Tampa and North Tampa you can think of?

3 comments | Last commented 23 April 2015 at 21:07 | Report Abuse
23 March 2015

I'll be in the UK for the Swingers days at Delamere Forest on 14th May - does anyone want a game on the 15th?


3 comments | Last commented 08 April 2015 at 16:05 | Report Abuse
23 March 2015
I'm flying from Manchester to Las vegas on Sunday 7th June. If anyone is going at the same time and playing in the area, please message me. I'm staying at the MGM until 11th June inclusive, then going onto Palm Springs for a 9 night stay.
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23 March 2015
Great to see the Northern day at Hazelmere on the 14th May so well attended. Hope this can be an annual day in years to come north of the Watford Gap!!!
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23 March 2015
Will Tiger ever get back to winning ways on the PGA and european tours. Your thoughts please?
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23 March 2015
I'm not sure that it's my worst ever, but my first medal round of the year at the weekend has me firmly planted at the bottom of the leaderboard. A 9 on the 1st followed by playing a wrong ball on the 3rd set the tone....still, it can only improve from here! I hope.
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20 March 2015
During our first day of the Seniors Open, a competitor's ball landed next to a prickly fuschia bouganvilleas and decided to hit the ball between her legs. This arose a question whether this stance is allowed or an illegal shot. Back into the club house, after consulting with the rules official, it transpired that the straddling the ball with your back to the target and hit the ball between your legs is allowed. However, this stance, the straddling is not allowed while putting on the green! One can't straddle the line of intended play on the green and has been banned. There, another golf rule learnt!
8 comments | Last commented 02 April 2015 at 20:08 | Report Abuse
16 March 2015
I have a hard time understanding why such a deviation exists between the USGA statistics Vs Virgin Atlantic scoreboards. For example, a 10 handicap is supposed to score 7 strokes better that his/her handicap once every 1200 rounds. For some of us that play under 1200 rounds a year, it may be tough to catch up :)
2 comments | Last commented 19 March 2015 at 21:21 | Report Abuse
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15 March 2015
My regular Sunday fourball at st annes has been transformed from a very informal "Chuck a pound in the pot" to a highly contested swingers match play event with all of us playing 9 holes against each other on different Sundays. It's become so intense that this morning I had to comment, "come on girls lighten up its just a game"!! Excitement is growing as our qualifying comps start next week and the usual interest in who's going to win the club comps has been replaced by "how many swinger points can we get" how many of you have found your golf life transformed like this and isn't it fun?
6 comments | Last commented 02 April 2015 at 22:18 | Report Abuse
15 March 2015
Following a previous thread of discussion,

In my experience through winter the tees are normally moved forward, "winter tees" play off mats or move ball to the side of fairways, not always but to protect the ground etc..

if this is the case at those clubs who have comps that are qualifying comps are they playing off summer tees and greens, if not, the course must be shortened how can this considered a valid qualifying comp,

How many clubs in the UK actually have winter qualifying comps is it 20, 50, or 150 does anybody know?
5 comments | Last commented 15 March 2015 at 17:42 | Report Abuse
14 March 2015
Thinking of a short break to Morocco in April or May. Seem to be some good looking courses out there. Anyone played any of them? Any hotel recommendations?
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14 March 2015
Having just slotted a 30ft birdie putt on the 15th Green, I strode to the 16th tee feeling pretty good.
I thought the ball deserves a good clean after that, so i popped it in the ball washer on the 16th and pumped the handle, only to find the ball had disappeared when the handle was lifted up! Thank goodness I ned had any penalty shots to add to the loss!
Has anyone else lost a ball in unusual circumstances?
5 comments | Last commented 16 March 2015 at 21:04 | Report Abuse
13 March 2015
Tomorrows comp called off prematurely due to snow. All clear tonight but no comp. 36 hole medal at Appleby 11/4/15 will be first competitive rounds. Season starts late up North.
9 comments | Last commented 03 April 2015 at 19:27 | Report Abuse
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11 March 2015
When I tell fellow golfers that I am a Virgin Club Fun Swinger, they often look at me very strange and turn away in shock! Does anyone else have opinions about the league name? I would prefer to be Virgin Fun Golfer or Virgin Club Golfer than Swinger.
11 comments | Last commented 14 March 2015 at 13:14 | Report Abuse
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09 March 2015
I just wanted to wish everyone good luck for the upcoming season and a huge well done to the swingers team. It's great the team listen and take notice to the general views of the participants, I'm sure the matchplay v Stableford/Meadal points was brought up in the discussion board last season, now we can only submit 3 matchplay scores.

Does anyone have any other suggestions that they feel would improve the structure of the Leagues?
7 comments | Last commented 14 March 2015 at 15:39 | Report Abuse
07 March 2015
Six scores in now so ok for goody bag. Chris Appleby complaining about jet lag but was still able to beat me. Don't give her any more tips to overcome jet lag, she's dangerous enough without help. How many others have their 6 in yet?
4 comments | Last commented 11 March 2015 at 02:51 | Report Abuse
07 March 2015
Does any one know if there is a reason or rule with regards to pro caddies, why they carry bags and don't use trollies or buggies they have so much gear in the bags etc.. I have seen on the pro tour qualifiers they use trollies, what is the difference in the big championships?
1 comments | Last commented 09 March 2015 at 21:29 | Report Abuse
07 March 2015
Has someone deleted the Season 10 Team Europe minileague. If yes would all the players be interested in re-opening it, I am willing to set it up again if no-one else is. Geff
2 comments | Last commented 13 March 2015 at 20:04 | Report Abuse
07 March 2015
Playing with Tour Yellow ZStars all of a sudden. I have never seen so much yellow ball coverage on TV before.
2 comments | Last commented 09 March 2015 at 13:42 | Report Abuse
07 March 2015
And you move between divisions of Swingers. A good score and league position in one could be midtable in a different one....just asking?
4 comments | Last commented 10 March 2015 at 12:14 | Report Abuse
07 March 2015
So, McILROY decides to start throwing the Nike clubs?
I was on the receiving end of a thrown club once,not pleasant,and Mc Boy should pay a hefty FINE!
5 comments | Last commented 17 March 2015 at 19:06 | Report Abuse
06 March 2015
So 'Rory' was the most popular pick for the first swingers predictions competition and he is 11 shots of the lead after the 1st happens to the best of us. I know form is temporary and class is permanent but any thoughts?
0 comments | Report Abuse
06 March 2015
Interested in Flying Club Swingers tips for getting over jet lag quickly. Just finished Florida holiday, back in Uk. Still wide awake & got a Swingers matchplay in a few hours!
6 comments | Last commented 07 March 2015 at 19:48 | Report Abuse
05 March 2015
I believe that the PGA should change the requirements on ball technology to reduce the amount of spin as the change to club grooves has not really had an affect
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05 March 2015
Any swingers have experience of negotiating golf club water charges? My club has been stung with a very large bill for underestimated usage over several years. Borehole investigations have failed due to salt content in water(not surprising for an east angluan coastal course!) ,so high charges may continue and feed into annual subs. Any ideas gratefully received!
0 comments | Report Abuse
04 March 2015
Congratulations to the player with a 9 point round, another player with a 10 point round.

Question 1, two qualification slots already sorted?
Question 2, will I qualify with 2 good society rounds?
6 comments | Last commented 15 March 2015 at 07:32 | Report Abuse
04 March 2015
Rory's favored in all 16 tournament predictions by @GolfingSwingers prognosticators! Not a bad strategy for picking a winner for each tournament. I may have to reconsider my picks. Rickie Fowler's going to win one, though, I know it....
5 comments | Last commented 14 March 2015 at 22:34 | Report Abuse
04 March 2015
If you are visiting the Johannesburg area of South Africa (or just considering it), please get it in touch, would love to host a few fellow swingers for a round or two at The Els Club at Copperleaf (looking forward to Mo Reardon's visit in August)
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03 March 2015
Any thoughts on this subject, with the PGA tour seemingly covering up these two high profile absences with not a word or press conference in sight to tell the paying public why these two high profile golf stars have been missing from the game in what could add up to the best part of a year, looking from afar!

Drugs, or Alcohol Testing could be at the centre of both stories..

Let me know your thoughts.
3 comments | Last commented 04 March 2015 at 12:16 | Report Abuse
03 March 2015
i am going to texas on 9th May 2015 for 2 weeks. 1st week near Houston and 2nd week near Austin. anyone out there available for a game?
1 comments | Last commented 10 March 2015 at 09:34 | Report Abuse
02 March 2015
Staying Spring Hill North of Tampa for 9 nights, anyone fancy a game? Maybe, Innesbrook, World Woods or TPC Tampa.
0 comments | Report Abuse
02 March 2015
I have Swingers tournament games lined up with

Pat Vickers at St Annes Old Links
Gaz Hanks, Geoff Linnell and James Gear at Burnley
7 comments | Last commented 11 March 2015 at 12:11 | Report Abuse
02 March 2015
As a regular shanker of the golf ball, it was reassuring to hear that Ian Poulter had two shanks in the Honda classic at the 14th hole today on his way to a treble bogey, does anyone have any simple advice for shanking other than giving the game up.......
5 comments | Last commented 05 March 2015 at 13:38 | Report Abuse
02 March 2015
Have you entered your scores yet? I have entered more than 6 and still am in the negative. Just goes to show what kids and old age do to you!!

7 comments | Last commented 07 April 2015 at 16:43 | Report Abuse
02 March 2015
To Alan Clifford and the rest of my fellow competitors. Do not take too much notice of my current leaderboard position, I know I should not be in 2nd place!!
(I entered the same score twice and also all scores were loaded using my old Season 11 HCap), once the Virgin team correct evrything I will be back in my normal position, Mid League)
0 comments | Report Abuse
02 March 2015
Is it right that one of Golf's crown jewels disappears to sky from the BBC?
Whilst the BBC may have been guilty of complacency in expecting to keep the contract is it right that Sky take control. Is it good for the game of golf and it's future. By taking it away from terrestrial TV is it reducing it's exposure? With the numbers playing golf allegedly declining and the number of golf clubs losing members is this the right decision by the R and A. I am of course a Sky subscriber so I can see as much golf as possible from around the world but should others miss out that are not so lucky?
I would be interested in the views of others.
4 comments | Last commented 05 March 2015 at 17:17 | Report Abuse
01 March 2015
A bit late but happy New year to new swingers season 12. Hope you all enjoy the coming year and the hard slog to get to south Carolina. Keep trying, I promise you the season finale is worth all the effort, an unforgettable achievement. Ready, set, GO
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28 February 2015
Looks like you had a great time in Barbados, here's to a fantastic S12...bring it on!!
0 comments | Report Abuse
28 February 2015
I always say the Masters is my favourite week of the year....but Swingers launch is pretty close.
2 comments | Last commented 02 March 2015 at 19:20 | Report Abuse
28 February 2015
We have introduced a rake and place policy this winter in the bunkers which allows you to lift your ball rake the sand and place your ball in a decent lie which has had a lot of positive feedback from players, anyone else had similar local rules during winter?
1 comments | Last commented 05 March 2015 at 09:11 | Report Abuse
28 February 2015
How do I get from Barbados to South Carolina without crossing the Atlantic twice? Perhaps Virgin Atlantic will do me a deal.
3 comments | Last commented 11 March 2015 at 01:21 | Report Abuse
27 February 2015
Hello and Welcome to Season 12 its started!!!!!!!!
yahooooo come on, get the scores in!

What a relief the waiting is over, I can see a few sneaking in the back door any guesses/bets who is going to have a great season?

who are the bandits??

Enjoy a great season of golf everyone, Good Luck!
0 comments | Report Abuse
23 February 2015
Is there anyone out there having great golf , but cant put scores in because their winter comps are all non qualifiers. Our course ( Sutton Coldfield ) is having winter work on tees and various other course alterations. Comps are all non qualifiers. You just know your golf will change when you can put your scores in.
5 comments | Last commented 28 February 2015 at 13:00 | Report Abuse
  5 average rating from 2 members
22 February 2015
To the rulemakers for the Virgin Golf league. Since in the Fun Leagues we are not yet playing is it possible to consider changing the points to that made against the SSS rather than the Par. As you are playing the course rather than individual oppenents it would seem farer to have your performance judged against the SSS for each particualr tee rather than the Par for the course. This would be much fairer and reflect whether you are playing a hard or easy course.
4 comments | Last commented 24 February 2015 at 09:36 | Report Abuse
  5 average rating from 1 members
17 February 2015
As I'm playing in the Fun Swingers league, I get to decide which cards I submit. I got 2 under my handicap today. Looking at last years scores, maybe 2 is OK but I'll take a 0.6 hit on my handicap. What if it had been 1? One is not good enough to get me to the final and I'd loose 0.3 in my handicap. It would be better to pretend it didn't exist.

So should I submit scores like this? I think that I should but strictly speaking, according to the rules, it is not necessary.
2 comments | Last commented 05 March 2015 at 09:15 | Report Abuse
16 February 2015
Can anyone advise when scores can be submitted and additionally, entry of qualifying bonus points please?

2 comments | Last commented 28 February 2015 at 07:09 | Report Abuse
16 February 2015
Hi All,

I am a keen golfer who is new to the Swingers League. May I ask when this commences for 2015? I am London based and an active member at Handheld in Surrey. I have heard of golf days for Gold Card members - can anyone share more detail on how to become involved please?
Thank you in advance.

1 comments | Last commented 21 February 2015 at 15:46 | Report Abuse

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