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pre shot routine
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07 March 2011
how long do you need to take over your pre shot routine? i was playing with a 16 handicapper- his routine took forever. After our round i confronted him on how long he took- he replied i need to go through this at all times to focus my attention. yet again another 4 1/2 hr round of golf. your thoughts
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Comment by Pilling, Andy, posted at 08/03/2011 at 13:06 hrs:
I don't mind as long as it is having an effect on the shot. Watching someone take 45 seconds over a shot to nib it 20 yards is annoying. Watching someone spend the same amount of time lining up a 25 foot put and holing it is equally annoying but for different reasons. The main thing is to be relaxed when you play, Bob, next time you are with someone with a long pre shot routine, point out to them that a butterfly has just flown off the top of their driver. When they ask "What?" tell them it was a catapiller when they started to address the ball!!!!!!
Comment by Crickmore, Jonathan, posted at 22/03/2011 at 19:27 hrs:
Nice one Andy - I'll use that with my mate Steve, nine handicapper, could moan for his country about anything and a maticulous PSR, which involves stepping back to line up. Magic moments watching him whilst playing foursomes, as he stepped back in preparation for his big drive, only to trip over a small wall and roll down the back of the tee into a bunch of thistles.
Comment by Brookes, David, posted at 31/03/2011 at 15:35 hrs:
I had the pleasure of playing North Berwick, upon approaching the 1st Tee there is a notice-"Gentlemen, a round of golf should not take more than 3.1/2 Hours" This was 20 years ago but I still encourage people to abide by that early lesson

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