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Horn, Janus

League Team Rest of the World, Club Swingers
Division 1
Leaderboard Position 6
Latest Handicap 7

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

While on golf tour with the boys and a heavy night of partying, we eventually manage to sober up and hit the golf course. I was sent in to go and pay and then we went off the 1st at Goose Valley. After 14 holes, the guys could see I was taking strain walking up the hill. With much laughter, I was told to look inside my golf bag. My friends put 2 bricks inside my bag and I was carrying this along with me all the time....

Horn, Janus

Where I play most my golf

Princes Grant, Durban

Contact me for match play
Scores Qualifying Points  
19/02/2015 Stroke Play -6
09/02/2015 Stroke Play -5
07/02/2015 Stroke Play -8
03/02/2015 Stroke Play -12
24/01/2015 Stroke Play 0 0
22/01/2015 Stroke Play -4
10/01/2015 Stroke Play -3
08/01/2015 Stroke Play -2
06/01/2015 Stroke Play -1 -1
03/01/2015 Stroke Play 0 0
30/12/2014 Stroke Play 0 0
27/12/2014 Stroke Play -6
19/12/2014 Stroke Play -4
18/12/2014 Stableford 0 0
15/12/2014 Stableford -1 -1
13/12/2014 Stroke Play -8
11/12/2014 Stroke Play -6
Total Qualifying Points -2  
* scores shown with an asterisk are pending verification
Bonus Points
Player Referal: Jonker, Richard 3
Available for match play 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Dear Stephen, My mom and da..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Thanks Mark... Just heard my w..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "You joking about Rhino... My s..." 1
Discussion Board thread: "My 6 scores are in" 1
Funniest golf moment on profile 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 10

Other Mini-Leagues

Crazy Four
1. Du Preez, Steve 19
2. Horn, Janus -2
Wie is baas
1. Horn, Janus -2
2. Horn, Jan -23
Player History Leaderboard
Golf League
Season Eleven, Team Rest of the World, Club Swingers 10 -13 scores leaderboard
Season Ten, Team Rest of the World, Club Swingers 1 35 scores leaderboard
Season Nine, Team Rest of the World, Club Swingers 8 22 scores leaderboard
Season Eight, Team Rest of the World 51 3 scores leaderboard
Season Seven, Team Rest of the World 37 5 scores leaderboard
Season Six, Team Rest of the World 34 5 scores leaderboard


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To qualify for the Season Twelve Final, you must have taken the necessary qualifying flights.

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