Mcconnell, David

League Team Europe, Club Swingers
Division 2
Leaderboard Position 55
Latest Handicap 10

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

Favourite courses, destinatons, and golfers
Top 5 Courses
Top 5 Destinations
Top 5 Golfers
Mcconnell, David

Where I play most my golf:

Temple Golf Club, Berkshire

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Scores Qualifying Points  
15/05/2016 Stableford Competition 5 5
01/05/2016 Medal Competition -6 -6
30/04/2016 Stableford Competition -3 -3
27/04/2016 Stableford Competition -3 -3
Total Qualifying Points -7  
* scores shown with an asterisk are pending verification
Bonus Points
Available for match play 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 2
Player History Leaderboard
Golf League
Season Twelve, Team Europe, Club Swingers 68 -34 scores leaderboard
Season Eleven, Team Europe, Club Swingers 9 13 scores leaderboard
Season Ten, Team Europe, Club Swingers 58 -3 scores leaderboard
Season Nine, Team Europe, Club Swingers 273 -10 scores leaderboard
Season Eight, Team Europe, Club Swingers 93 4 scores leaderboard
Season Six, Team Europe, Club Swingers 21 13 scores leaderboard
Season Five, Europe Club Swingers 10 25 scores leaderboard
Season Four, Club Swingers 131 0 scores leaderboard
Season Three, Club Swingers 104 3 scores leaderboard
Season One, Season One 81 3 scores leaderboard


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Team Europe

Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Copley, Paul 1 13
Hankinson, Gary 2 15
O'Connor, Padraic 3 11

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Fun Swingers:

Division Pts
Clifford, Margaret 1 19

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Team Rest of the World

Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Castles, Duncan 1 33
Murray, Scott 2 29

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Leading US Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Stein, Beth 1 26
Johri, Rajive 2 54

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Leading Fun Swingers:

Division Pts
Fields, Gail 1 3

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