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Riddell, Tom

League Team Rest of the World, US Club Swingers
Division 1
Leaderboard Position 5
Latest Handicap 11

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

Two days ago, I had a very good round at my home course, Pine Grove. Today, I went to the post office and collected my 2014 goody bag. I was excited to get another sleeve of Virgin Flying Cub golf balls (as well as the tees, the shirt, and the Avis water bottle), and tweeted about using one in my quest for a(nother) hole in one. Then I noticed via Twitter that I was selected as ROW player of the month! The email announcement asked a question about form during August. I thought that some of it was consistency off the tee. I'd already planned to play another round today. So off I went. First hole, pulled my drive left, into some woods, lost Virgin Srixon.... Second hole, par 3 -- one putt par. Third hole, pulled my drawn drive left, into a wooded area, 2nd lost Virgin ball. Only one left -- decided to use it on only the par 3's. Fourth hole, used a new yellow Titleist -- into the woods to the left, another lost ball. At that point, I'm only using the balls in the bag.... The other 5 holes on the front 9 -- four pars and one bogey, including one 45 foot right-bending putt for a par on the 600 yard par 5. Go figure. Second 9 only marginally better. It is a funny game! I do have one Virgin Flying Club Srixon left, and tomorrow is a new day!

Riddell, Tom

Where I play most my golf

Pine Grove Golf Club, Massachusetts

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Scores Qualifying Points  
29/05/2015 Stroke Play 3 3 *
27/05/2015 Stroke Play 2 2
21/05/2015 Stroke Play 4 4
19/05/2015 Stroke Play 2 2
17/05/2015 Stroke Play 3 3
10/05/2015 Stroke Play 1
04/05/2015 Stroke Play -5 *
03/05/2015 Stroke Play -1 *
26/04/2015 Stroke Play 2 2
24/04/2015 Stroke Play -4
19/04/2015 Stroke Play -2
16/04/2015 Stroke Play -1
13/04/2015 Stroke Play -1
12/04/2015 Stroke Play -1
24/03/2015 Stroke Play 1
16/01/2015 Stroke Play -3
15/12/2014 Stroke Play -3
Total Qualifying Points 16  
* scores shown with an asterisk are pending verification
Bonus Points
Swingers prediction(s) 16
Play on a Virgin Atlantic trip 15
Available for match play 1
Course review (Bentham Golf Club) 1
Course review (Lonnie Poole Golf Course) 1
Course review (Seven Lakes Country Club) 1
Course review (Southampton Country Club ) 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "As an outsider, I was disappoi..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Good discussion by the pundits..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "It's a dozen cases. Does that..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Janus, congrats on the news. ..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Mark, Tiger Woods? Is that a ..." 1
Discussion Board thread: "McIlroy = Heavy Favorite" 1
Funniest golf moment on profile 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 44

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