Playing on a Swingers society day (15 bonus pts)

Playing on a Swingers society day

Earn 15 bonus points by playing in one of our Swingers days.

So if you’ve joined your fellow Swingers at one of our events this summer, then use the form below to send us a pic of your day out and claim your points.

Make sure you tell us the course name and the date you played and we will add 15 bonus points to your Player Profile.

Please Note:

1. Your round must have taken place during a S16 Swingers society day.

2. You can claim bonus points for each Swingers society day played during S16, no matter how many, However you cannot claim bonus points for both an overseas Swingers society day and a standard Swingers society day from the same day played.

3. You must submit a photo of the day to claim your bonus points although you do not need to appear in that photo..

For further information see the FAQs or terms & conditions



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Team Europe

Leading Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Broadbent, Steve 1 22
Derrick, Martin 2 23
Joy, Brian 3 17

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Team Rest of the World

Leading Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Chequer, Gary 1 23
Heap, Clinton 2 32

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Leading US Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Lewis, Ray 1 52
O'Connor, Brian 2 56

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Fun Swingers

Leading Fun Swingers:

Division Pts
Murray, Scott 1 20
Linnell, Geoff 1 20

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To qualify for the Season Sixteen Final, you must have taken the necessary qualifying flights.

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