Season 15 Achievements
06/03/2018 Winner of Stone Golf Club TMGS 2018 Winter Comp
11/03/2018 4th place overall finish in Winter League at Stone Golf Club
League Team Europe, Club Swingers
Division 3
Leaderboard Position 1
Latest Handicap 18

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

A man on a 165 yard par three hits 6 iron The ball travels over 1000 yards but he still has a 10ft birdie putt - how is this possible? Well it happened to me last week when a dog ran onto the 16th green at my golf club picked up my ball and sprinted off with its owner in pursuit. The dog finally gave up the ball and we were able to complete the hole - needless to say I missed the putt for birdie!!

Favourite courses, destinatons, and golfers
Top 5 Courses St Andrews, Old Course Monarch Beach Links Celtic Manor 2010 Gleneagles PGA Centenary Apes Hill, Barbados
Top 5 Destinations Gleneagles St Andrews Barbados California Sun City
Top 5 Golfers Jack Nicklaus Tom Watson Lee Trevino Seve Ballesteros Tiger Woods

Where I play most my golf:

Stone Golf Club , Staffordshire

Contact me for match play
Scores Qualifying Points  
07/01/2018 Match Play 2 2
06/01/2018 Match Play 2 2
16/12/2017 Stableford Competition 6 6
Total Qualifying Points 10  
* scores shown with an asterisk are pending verification
Bonus Points
Swingers prediction(s) 13
Top 5 Courses on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Destinations on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Golfers on Player Profile 5
Photo competition entry 2
Photo competition entry 2
Available for match play 1
Course review (Wallasey Golf Club ) 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Not sure about this I think i..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Yes No doubt Tiger is washed ..." 1
Funniest golf moment on profile 1
Set-up mini league with 4 players 1
Submit your 2018 Golfing Achievements 1
Submit your 2018 Golfing Achievements 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 41

My Mini-League

Raggy Ears
2. GEAR, NICK -57

Other Mini-Leagues

Northwest crusaders
2. Hankinson, Gary 6
Lucky Barbados Crew
2. Hankinson, Gary 6
Player History Leaderboard
Golf League
Season Fourteen, Team Europe, Club Swingers 2 16 scores leaderboard
Season Thirteen, Team Europe, Club Swingers 3 9 scores leaderboard
Season Twelve, Team Europe, Club Swingers 47 -15 scores leaderboard
Season Eleven, Team Europe, Club Swingers 2 16 scores leaderboard
Season Ten, Team Europe, Club Swingers 1 16 scores leaderboard
Season Nine, Team Europe, Fun Swingers 13 12 scores leaderboard
Season Seven, Team Europe, Fun Swingers 2 33 scores leaderboard
Season Six, Team Europe, Fun Swingers 2 38 scores leaderboard
Season Five, Europe Fun Swinger 2 33 scores leaderboard
Season Four, Fun Swingers 6 23 scores leaderboard
Season Three, Club Swingers 229 -8 scores leaderboard
Season Two, Club Swingers 44 3 scores leaderboard
Season One, Season One 95 2 scores leaderboard


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Team Europe

Leading Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Attwell, Mark 1 6
appleby, Clive 1 6
Daly, Ken 1 6
Allingham, Keith 1 6
Hails, Trevor 2 8

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Team Rest of the World

Leading Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Wainwright, Andre 1 24
Chequer, Gary 2 22

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Leading US Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Uzunovic, Emir 1 10
Estren, Andrea 1 10
Pumphrey, John 1 10
O'Connor, Brian 2 26

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Fun Swingers

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Division Pts
Clifford, Alan 1 12

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