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Hewson, James
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Whilst playing golf in Spain with some friends a couple of years ago. I was standing on the 18th fairway, with the full club house having lunch, and about 180yds to the green. I told the guys I was playing with that I would go for it, carry the water hazard and finish in style. I knew I had to hit the ball hard but in trying to do so I thinned it. It went like a rocket for about 30yds - hit the 150yd marker at about 2ft tall and came straight back past us as fast as it went and through our golf cart, ended up with a shot at about 200yds to the green, playing 3! Sense prevailed and I decided to lay up! Realised just how bad it was when the full club house was brought to attention the the sound similar to a bell being struck when the ball smashed the steel marker.

Favourite courses, destinatons, and golfers
Top 5 Courses Emirates Majilis GC Dubai Bali Hai GC Las Vegas Sandy Lane GC Barbados Gary Player GC Sun City, SA Harbour Town GC, Hilton Head Island
Top 5 Destinations Barbados Las Vegas, US Dubai South Africa Hilton Head Island, US
Top 5 Golfers Rory McIlroy Sergio Garcia Bubba Watson Lee Westwood Tiger Woods

Where I play most my golf:

Ellesborough Golf Club , Buckinghamshire

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1. Wright, Mark -1

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1. Harpum, Roger -26
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Season Fifteen, Fun Swingers 1 26 scores leaderboard
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