Linnell, Geoff

League Team Europe, Club Swingers
Division 1
Leaderboard Position 26
Latest Handicap 7

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

How things change! Season 1 Final, Thursday 6th October, 2005: I was invited to hit the very first tee shot at the Grove Golf Course. All looked excellent, in just 10 days the first UK hosted World Gold Championships was going to be played here, so the fairways were tight and rough everywhere was long and thick. I hit a good drive long and straight past the fairway bunker (as the years go by I'm sure my memory of this shot sees a better flight and outcome each time!). I must be the best player here to be asked to open the final I thought. Alistair Price hits a high quality shot down the fairway, then we move forward a set of tees and Anne Lowe hit another high quality shot down the fairway. As we walk away I see both of them play off scratch so realise alphabetical was the only reason not my play. Cannot now believe how well this event has grown and developed over the last 16 years, so I'm very proud to have the honour of hitting the first ever tee shot!

Favourite courses, destinatons, and golfers
Top 5 Courses Stockport Golf Club Gleneagles Kings Course Wallasey Golf Club Royal Liverpool Golf Club Eaton Golf Club
Top 5 Destinations Florida South Africa France Scotland Ireland
Top 5 Golfers Jack Nicklaus Arnold Palmer Rory McIlroy Jordan Speith Justin Rose
Linnell, Geoff

Where I play most my golf:

Stockport Golf Club , Cheshire

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14/05/2016 Medal Competition 1 1
13/03/2016 Match Play 0 0
13/03/2016 Match Play 0 0
12/03/2016 Stableford Competition -2
13/02/2016 Stableford Competition 0 0
30/01/2016 Stableford Competition 0 0
23/12/2015 Match Play 2 2
Total Qualifying Points 3  
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Bonus Points
Top 5 Courses on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Destinations on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Golfers on Player Profile 5
Available for match play 1
Funniest golf moment on profile 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 18

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