Riddell, Tom

League Team Rest of the World, US Club Swingers
Division 1
Leaderboard Position 1
Latest Handicap 13

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

I'm going to dig way back for this one. Probably about 55 years ago. I was playing at Naperville (Illinois) Country Club, late one summer afternoon. I'd just gotten a new pair of contact lenses (think 1960's) and one of them was bothering my eye. So I took it out to clean it off, and then got set to replace it. Gust of wind (of course), and it flies off to the ground (in the rough no less). Much harder than finding a golf ball, but no penalty stroke for a lost lens.... Years later, after giving up on the contacts and wearing glasses through wind and rain, I got lasik surgery. No more lost lenses or rain spattered glasses.

Favourite courses, destinatons, and golfers
Top 5 Courses The Glen (North Berwick, Scotland), The Ledges (South Hadley, Massachusetts), Gullane 2 (Gullane, Scotland), Crumpin-Fox (Bernardston, Massachusetts), Highland Links (Truro, Massachusetts)
Top 5 Destinations The Sandhills (North Carolina), Cape Cod (Massachusetts), East Lothian, Scotland
Top 5 Golfers Sam Snead, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Tom Morris
Riddell, Tom
Season 14 Achievements
21/05/2017 Slow start to the season, mid-80's or worse. Today, focused on each swing, better result. An 80!
11/06/2017 Last week played one of worst rounds in several years, on a tough course, Taconic. Today, on home course, finished with 2 birdies and 15 shots better.
21/06/2017 Started acupuncture treatments for right shoulder rotator cuff injury. No golf for several weeks. Hoping for less pain and improved swing!
30/07/2017 Acupuncture helped to relieve most pain, swing better, scores improved. Carry on.
25/08/2017 Orthopedist says it's tendonitis, advises PT. Acupuncture seems to have relieved pain. Apparently, improvement does not guarantee better golf scores!

Where I play most my golf:

Pine Grove Golf Club, Massachusetts

Contact me for match play
Scores Qualifying Points  
15/09/2017 Stroke Play 3
12/09/2017 Stroke Play 0
10/09/2017 Stroke Play 6 6
08/09/2017 Stroke Play 1
30/08/2017 Stroke Play 2
27/08/2017 Stroke Play 5 5
25/08/2017 Stroke Play 0
22/08/2017 Stroke Play 3
20/08/2017 Stroke Play 6 6
17/08/2017 Stroke Play 2
15/08/2017 Stroke Play 3
11/08/2017 Stroke Play -4
07/08/2017 Stroke Play 2
03/08/2017 Stroke Play 3
01/08/2017 Stroke Play 1
30/07/2017 Stroke Play 1
26/07/2017 Stroke Play 5 5
21/07/2017 Stroke Play 4
18/06/2017 Stroke Play 4 4
14/06/2017 Stroke Play 3
11/06/2017 Stroke Play 3
07/06/2017 Stroke Play -13
02/06/2017 Stroke Play -4
31/05/2017 Stroke Play -2
23/05/2017 Stroke Play 1
21/05/2017 Stroke Play 5 5
18/05/2017 Stroke Play 0
12/05/2017 Stroke Play -1
04/05/2017 Stroke Play 1
30/04/2017 Stroke Play -4
27/04/2017 Stroke Play 1
23/04/2017 Stroke Play 0
18/04/2017 Stroke Play 1
16/04/2017 Stroke Play -3
13/04/2017 Stroke Play -4
Total Qualifying Points 31  
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Bonus Points
Swingers prediction(s) 14
Top 5 Courses on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Destinations on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Golfers on Player Profile 5
Available for match play 1
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Discussion Board thread: "Bonus Points!" 1
Discussion Board thread: "The Lesser Open" 1
Funniest golf moment on profile 1
Play a course with a par of 64 or less (including 9 hole courses) 1
Submit your 2017 Golfing Achievements 1
Submit your 2017 Golfing Achievements 1
Submit your 2017 Golfing Achievements 1
Submit your 2017 Golfing Achievements 1
Submit your 2017 Golfing Achievements 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 48

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