Riddell, Tom

Riddell, Tom
League Team Rest of the World, US Club Swingers
Division 1
Leaderboard Position 6
Latest Handicap 12

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

Well, not exactly funny, maybe more nostalgic. The club "where I play most of my golf," Pine Grove Golf Club, in Western Massachusetts, after 50 years of operation, is closing. I haven't played there for that long; but I've been playing there for more than 30 years, and been a member for about the last 20 years. It's not the fanciests of golf courses, but it's an interesting and, in its own way, challenging track. Not many bunkers, but a whole lot of trees -- many pines (!) and lots of oaks and maples; and doglegs that I've finally managed to negotiate by learning to hit drives straight. Over the last several years, the greens have deteriorated, which is one of challenges they've had in maintaining it. It is also the scene of both of my holes-in-one. The owners have decided to sell the land; and, more than likely, following the trend in the US, it will be one more lost golf course. I'll miss it!

Favourite courses, destinatons, and golfers
Top 5 Courses The Glen (North Berwick, Scotland), The Ledges (South Hadley, Massachusetts), Gullane 2 (Gullane, Scotland), Crumpin-Fox (Bernardston, Massachusetts), Highland Links (Truro, Massachusetts)
Top 5 Destinations The Sandhills (North Carolina), Cape Cod (Massachusetts), East Lothian, Scotland
Top 5 Golfers Sam Snead, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Tom Morris

Where I play most my golf:

Ledges Municipal Golf Course , Massachusetts

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14/03/2019 Stroke Play -10 -10 *
15/12/2018 Stroke Play 0 0
Total Qualifying Points -10  
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Swingers prediction(s) 12
Top 5 Courses on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Destinations on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Golfers on Player Profile 5
Available for match play 1
Funniest golf moment on profile 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 30

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