Attwell, Mark

Attwell, Mark
League Team Europe, Club Swingers
Division 1
Leaderboard Position 5
Latest Handicap 9

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

Before I played golf, I took customers to a golf day, I was told it was black-tie, didn't know any better and turned up wearing black-tie to find it was jacket and tie. The course? Royal Liverpool.

Favourite courses, destinatons, and golfers
Top 5 Courses St Enodoc -Devon, St Andrews complex -Scotland, Southern Hills -Florida, World Woods -Florida, St Annes Old Links -Lytham
Top 5 Destinations Florida, Southern California, Dubai, Scotland, Devon
Top 5 Golfers Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Sergio Garcia, Alastair Price - Wow, he hits it miles!

Where I play most my golf:

Marsden Park Golf Club , Lancashire

Contact me for match play
Scores Qualifying Points  
10/02/2019 Match Play 2 2
11/01/2019 Match Play 0 0
16/12/2018 Match Play 2 2
Total Qualifying Points 4  
* scores shown with an asterisk are pending verification
Bonus Points
Top 5 Courses on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Destinations on Player Profile 5
Top 5 Golfers on Player Profile 5
Swingers prediction(s) 3
Available for match play 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "Im going to try one but, woul..." 1
Discussion Board comment: ... "There will now Geff 😬&..." 1
Funniest golf moment on profile 1
Set-up mini league with 4 players 1
Submitted profile image 1
Total Bonus Points 24

My Mini-League

Other Mini-Leagues

Northwest crusaders
1. Hankinson, Gary 6
3. Attwell, Mark 4
Sonics Super Stars
1. Attwell, Mark 4
2. Corns, Lee 2
Lucky Barbados Crew
1. Hankinson, Gary 6
3. Attwell, Mark 4
Player History Leaderboard
Golf League
Season Fifteen, Team Europe, Club Swingers 15 12 scores leaderboard
Season Fourteen, Team Europe, Club Swingers 40 2 scores leaderboard
Season Thirteen, Team Europe, Club Swingers 10 15 scores leaderboard
Season Twelve, Team Europe, Club Swingers 13 13 scores leaderboard
Season Eleven, Team Europe, Club Swingers 2 19 scores leaderboard
Season Ten, Team Europe, Club Swingers 1 22 scores leaderboard
Season Nine, Team Europe, Club Swingers 143 0 scores leaderboard
Season Eight, Team Europe, Club Swingers 130 2 scores leaderboard
Season Seven, Team Europe, Club Swingers 12 17 scores leaderboard
Season Six, Team Europe, Club Swingers 24 12 scores leaderboard
Season Five, Europe Club Swingers 31 16 scores leaderboard
Season Four, Club Swingers 111 1 scores leaderboard


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