Barlow, Darren

League Team Europe, Club Swingers
Division 2
Leaderboard Position 43
Latest Handicap 10

Funniest/Most Embarassing Golf Moment:

Playing at Percywood golf course we were on the 3rd tee i think and we all commented on the lovely new tee box that had been built. Setting the short par 4 back about 30 yds,putting it in amongst the lovely new static caravans where you had to go over a newly built bridge that led you to the tee over a small stream .Three of us teed off leaving Dave who not been the worlds most proficient golfer to go.At this point i turned to one of the lads and said "i dread to think what would happen if he hit one of those bridge posts" N0 sooner had the words left my lips ,Dave let rip with his driver that took off like a missile about 2 feet off the ground .Smashed into the post and came hurtling back towards us ,we all dove for cover only to hear the ball ricochet off the roof tops of these lovely new cravans.To top things off Dave said "do i have to play it from there" BRILLIANT.

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Barlow, Darren

Where I play most my golf:

Roseberry Grange Golf Club , County-Durham

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Season Twelve, Team Europe, Club Swingers 33 0 scores leaderboard
Season Eleven, Team Europe, Club Swingers 27 5 scores leaderboard
Season Ten, Team Europe, Club Swingers 44 2 scores leaderboard
Season Nine, Team Europe, Club Swingers 228 -5 scores leaderboard
Season Eight, Team Europe, Club Swingers 16 20 scores leaderboard
Season Seven, Team Europe, Club Swingers 22 14 scores leaderboard
Season Six, Team Europe, Club Swingers 274 -8 scores leaderboard
Season Five, Europe Club Swingers 4 27 scores leaderboard


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