Player of the Month - April 2017

Denton, Stephen

Denton, Stephen

No.2 on Europe Club leaderboard - Division 2

Congratulations to European Club Swinger Stephen Denton who had a great April in Division 2, reducing his handicap down to 8.6 with two fantastic club competition performances. Stephen wins a fabulous Explanar training aid which will help him keep playing at that level all summer long.

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Stephen also now sits on our hall of fame which you can view here 

Q: What one thing has helped your form over the last month(s)?
A: I worked on my short range putting before each round, focusing on 5 foot putts so I could get used to seeing the ball going in the hole. It gave me the confidence to hole out lots of putts from that range.

Q: How long have you been a Flying Club Swinger, and what’s been your most memorable moment so far?
A: I was introduced to the Flying Club Swingers League by my friend James back in season 8. Other than winning player of the month, one of my best memories was playing with James for 3 of his rounds that he made some good points for the league for. We play a lot of golf together and he hit a purple patch where everything seemed to go well for him. That year he managed to qualify for the finals and win the trip to Florida. It was something I wanted to be involved with.

Q: What’s your favourite destination for playing golf, and your favourite course?
A: I haven't really had the chance to play in many destinations abroad, but I had an excellent experience in Dubai. The course was in immaculate condition, and the service we received was second to none. They could not do more for you, and the cold towels on every other hole helped in the 40 degree heat.

Q: If you could arrange a Swingers match play against one golfer or celebrity, past or present, who would it be and why?
A: I have always been a massive fan of John Daly. He has so much talent, but he also knows how to have a good time. I think he would be top of the list. If I could make it a 3 ball then I think Tiger would be there as well. That would be more so because of what he brought to the game in my era that changed the way golf is played today.

Q: Why should fellow Swingers contact you for match play at your club?
A: The course I play, Northwood in Middlesex, has been voted the top golf club in the county by top 100 golf courses UK. It has a friendly atmosphere, a good test of golf and we have proper tees and greens all year round. Each week the course seems to get better condition, so I suppose something must be going right.


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