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Explanar Golf Training Aid – make it your best season yet

Explanar are delighted to be part of Flying Club Swingers season 15 and we’re excited to be contributing in three ways. First, as title sponsor of the Player of the Month competition, we’ll be giving a Free Explanar Home Training Aid to the lucky Swinger each month who is nominated for this prestigious award. Next, we’ll be coming along to some of the golf days throughout 2018 to demo the Explanar to let participants feel and see the benefit of having and using an Explanar. Finally, we are offering all Flying Club Swinger members an exclusive 15% off any of our products throughout 2018. If you get in early, buy and use your new Explanar as you compete, then you’ll make it your best season yet!

We’ve been part of the golf scene for a number of years now and many of the worlds top coaches teach with Explanar, plus tens of thousands of amateurs use it at home to improve their game.

If you’re new to Explanar, it’s a patented golf training aid to simplify the way to learn, train and improve your swing. It was invented by PGA Master Professional Luther Blacklock, who used his own experiences as a top golf coach to do something unique in terms of feeling and developing your optimum swing.

As all of you know, golf is not easy and the golf swing is one of the most complex bio-mechanical movement performed in any sport and most people are only ever taught verbally.

The Explanar is a mechanical aid that helps users learn by feeling not thinking - like training wheels on a bicycle, providing support and feedback that you can feel.

Having an Explanar at home and using it for a few minutes a day enables users to practice and groove a perfect swing and create a muscle memory that is automatically recalled by your sub-conscious when you play. Using Explanar for 5 minutes a day is like hitting 150 balls at a range – That’s over 1000 practice swings a week - without the time and expense of travelling to a practice ground. It’s not hard to imagine the effect this level of practice alone would have on your game, but imagine the effect practicing your perfect "on plane" swing every time you swing.

Explanar improves the distance and accuracy of your shots by teaching a more consistent swing, and is suitable for golfers of all abilities. Explanar has already helped thousands of golfers improve their swing and the way they play and it will help you too.


We are offering all Flying Club Swinger members an exclusive 15% off any of our products throughout 2018.

In addition, if you win the Explanar Player of the Month but have already bought an Explanar, we’ll refund your purchase money.

Only current members of Flying Club Swingers are eligible and you may need to provide details of this when you order.

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