Swingers Code of Conduct

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of sportsmanship whilst taking part in Flying Club Swingers. The Swingers programme has created many life long friendships and given members unforgettable experiences. The ‘Swingers Spirit’ is integral to this, and without it, Swingers would become just another golf tournament. We however must do everything to keep Swingers special.

We therefore ask every registered Swinger to abide by our Swingers Code of Conduct:

• Please adhere to the rules of golf as set out by the R&A.
• Display and promote high standards of behaviour – remember you are representing the Swingers programme and all that it stands for.
• Promote Fair Play and embrace the Swingers Spirit summed up in the words ‘fun’ ‘friendship’ ‘competitive’ ‘inclusive’.
• Never engage in public criticism of other players especially on public forums or through social media.
• Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour at any Swingers event or on the Swingers website.
• Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment at any Swingers event or on the Swingers website. 
• Speak to fellow Swingers with respect, as you yourself would wish to be spoken to. 
• Win or lose with dignity, both on the leaderboards and at our events.

I understand that if I do not follow the Swingers Code of Conduct, any/all of the following actions may be taken by the Swingers team:

• Be required to apologise any fellow Swinger abused.
• Receive a verbal warning from the Swingers team. 
• Receive a written warning from the Swingers team.
• Be required to serve a suspension from Swingers.
• Be required to leave the Swingers programme.


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Team Europe

Leading Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Kilgour, Philip 1 22
Park, Lynn 1 22
Campbell, Steve 2 21
Gray, Andrew 2 21
Eustace, Luke 2 21
Backhouse, Roy 2 21
Gray, Rebecca 3 26

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Team Rest of the World

Leading Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Horn, Janus 1 32
Heap, Clinton 2 36

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Leading US Club Swingers:

Division Pts
Estren, Andrea 1 33
O'Connor, Brian 2 55

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Fun Swingers

Leading Fun Swingers:

Division Pts
Hewson, James 1 26

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