SkyCaddie Swingers Match Play Trophy

Could you and your partner be crowned our SkyCaddie Swingers Match Play Trophy champions in Season 16? Can you wrestle the title off the current champions Roger Harpum and Paul Copley? Choose a partner and enter our knock out competition as we find out which match play pairs are the real deal! It’s a great way to network with other Swingers and play some new courses.

Each round will be drawn with betterball matches having to be played by a specific date. The home team are responsible for arranging the fixture at one of their clubs, and the away team will be expected to travel. The home pair are expected to cover 50% of the away pair’s guest green fees, whilst the away pair will cover the other 50% of their own guest green fees.

By the end of the season, we will have a North winning pair and a South winning pair, who will contest a UK Final at Woburn Golf Club in October or November complete with overnight stay. In addition there’s a SkyCaddie Linx GT for everyone who makes it through to the North and South Finals!

And what’s more you can submit these scores as a Swingers match play even though they are betterball, so choose the right partner and they can help you win a place in the S16 final!

If you would like to enter please email by Friday 22 March with your name, email address, contact telephone number, handicap and partner’s name and handicap together with your home clubs and county. PLEASE NOTE ONE OF THE PAIR MUST HAVE SUBMITTED 6 VALID SCORES IN SEASON 15, ALTHOUGH THEIR PARTNER CAN BE EITHER A CURRENT SWINGER OR A NON-SWINGER AS LONG AS THEY SIGN UP BEFORE THE MATCH IS PLAYED.

GRAND FINAL (To be played in November)

Gray A/Glennon v Carrett/Murray Gray A/Glennon win 8&6

FINAL DRAW - NORTH (Matches to be played by 7 October)

Hankinson/Woods v Gray A/Glennon Gray A/Glennon win 2&1

FINAL DRAW - SOUTH (Matches to be played by 7 October)

Hewson/Grant v Murray/Carrett Murray/Carrett win on first play off hole

SEMI FINAL DRAW - NORTH (Matches to be played by 6 September)

Hankinson/Woods v Attwell/Corns  Hankinson/Woods win 2&1
Gray R/Gear v Gray A/Glennon Gray A/Glennon win 5&4

SEMI FINAL DRAW - SOUTH (Matches to be played by 6 September)

Hewson/Grant v Seabrook G/Seabrook T  Hewson/Grant win 1 up
Murray/Carrett v Faulkner/Cox Murray/Carrett win 1 up 

QUARTER-FINAL DRAW - NORTH (Matches to be played by 29 July)

Conway S/Conway K v Attwell/Corns Attwell/Corns win 1 up
Gray A/Glennon v Andrews G/Andrews K Gray A/Glennon win 4&3
Hankinson/Woods v Darby S/Darby R Hankinson/Woods win 2&1
Gray R/Gear v Ryley/Johnson Gray R/Gear win 1 up

QUARTER-FINAL DRAW - SOUTH (Matches to be played by 29 July)

Hewson/Grant v Copley/Harpum Hewson/Grant win 2&1
Seabrook G/Seabrook T v Price/Loxton Seabrook G/Seabrook T win 1 up
Murray/Carrett v Woods/Loberman Murray/Carrett win 1 up
Faulkner/Cox v Hutcheon/Hudson  Faulkner/Cox win 2&1

FIRST ROUND DRAW - NORTH (Matches to be played by 3 June)

Attwell/Corns v BYE Attwell/Corns win
Gray A/Glennon v Backhouse/Faron Gray A/Glennon win 4&3
Walters/Sambrooke v Gray R/Gear Gray R/Gear win 6&4
BYE v Ryley/Johnson Ryley/Johnson win
Conway S/Conway K v Hartley/Furnell Conway S/Conway K win 2&1
BYE v Darby S/Darby R Darby/Darby win
Andrews G/Andrews K v Crickmore/Carden Andrews G/Andrews K win 6&5
Cooke/Weathers v Hankinson/Woods Hankinson/Woods win 2&1

FIRST ROUND DRAW - SOUTH (Matches to be played by 3 June)

BYE v Seabrook G/Seabrook T Seabrook/Seabrook win
Hutcheon/Hudson v BYE Hutcheon/Hudson win
Murray/Carrett v BYE Murray/Carrrett win
Woods/Loberman v Derrick/Gilbert Woods/Loberman win by walkover
Copley/Harpum v Woods/Brown Copley/Harpum win 6&5
Faulkner/Cox v Briant/Sparkes Faulkner/Cox win 3&2
Hewson/Grant v Fuller/Jones Hewson/Grant win by walkover
Price/Loxton v Dolan/Bates Price/Loxton win 4&3

Regional Finals to be completed by 30 September
Woburn Grand Final to be played in October or November 2019



1. This competition is for UK Swingers only.
2.The format of the competition is betterball match play.
3. All official current club handicaps or, if Fun Swingers, current Swingers handicaps should be used. Players will receive an allowance of 90% of the full difference in handicaps with shots taken from the lowest handicap in each fourball.
4. Where different tees are used by competitors (an example of this would be where Men play from White tees and ladies play from Red tees) a courtesy shot adjustment is made. Players from the tees with the higher SSS are given the additional courtesy shots equal to the difference between the 2 SSS numbers. The same SI is to be used by all players and will be that of the tees with the lower SSS. The Par of the course and the Par for each hole is not relevant for a matchplay competition.
5. All results should be emailed to within 24 hours by the winning pair declaring their match score.
6. The home drawn team is responsible for arranging the fixture. If for any reason the fixture is not played by the deadline, a toss of the coin will decide who proceeds through to the next round.
7. The home drawn team is responsible for paying 50% of guest green fees for both away team players. The away team is responsible for the other 50% of their green fees.
8. If one team has been deemed to have made a reasonable effort to have arranged a fixture (by offering at least 3 dates), and the opposing team has not communicated availability or is unable to play on the dates given then the organisers may decide to award a walk over. The organisers decision is final.
9. All entrants agree to have their email addresses and mobile numbers circulated amongst other entrants.
10. The draw will not be seeded.
11. All entries must be received by Friday 22 March. There is no entrance fee. The competition is only open to Swingers in mainland UK.
12. All Swingers Match Play Trophy scores can be entered as official Swingers match plays on a Swingers’ profile irrespective of it being a betterball result, and irrespective of whether they have played either of their opponents in a Swingers singles match play. Please note however Swingers can only submit one Match Play result on any one date. Multiple Match Plays on the same day are no longer allowed. These Match Play Trophy scores will count as one of the 3 match plays allowed as part of a Swinger’s 6 qualifying scores, but will only count towards a Swinger’s end of season points total if both of the opposing pair also submit 6 valid scores.


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To qualify for the Season Sixteen Final, you must have taken the necessary qualifying flights.

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